Saturday, January 31


Double Shuv-it Friday With Chreeaass

Double shuv-its, SO HOT RIGHT NOW!!!

Snedy's Favorites Friday

Ok so I realize that this post wont go up tell Saturday, but it was filmed on Friday, and it has all the spirit of a Friday, its just coming to you on a Saturday. So any ways in case you didnt know yet, Fridays on the site are going to be called: Snedy's Favorites Friday. Pretty much we just ask Snedy what his favorites for the day are, and then you laugh.

Thursday, January 29

I am right. You are wrong.

Im right. You are wrong. A Travis King portrait.

Hairy Hairy Thursdays!

Ok so Ive decided what each day of the week is gonna be on here. And Thursdays, after much deliberation, and then a stroke a genius lighting, Thursdays are now going to be, Hairy Hairy Thursdays. Confused? Yeah I would be too. Basically every Thursday we are gonna try and get a picture of Jeff Fowler. See last august me and Jeff made a bet, the Knocked Up bet to be exact. I bet him $300 that he wouldnt grow out his hair and beard for a whole year. Shane Bomb also through in $100. So If Jeff makes it a whole year without cutting his hair or beard he gets $400. If Jeff doesnt make it he owes me a pair of shoes and Shane Bomb $100. If he cheats in any way I get to kick him in the balls as hard as I can, and he is disqualified automatically and I win. So we got about 6 months to go and he's looking pretty rough already. This is gonna get interesting! This week I didnt get a picture of Jeff so I'll use the one I got of him Last month.

Oh yeah Did I mention Jeff is only 15!
Oh yeah. Peep this video of Shane Bomb getting slapped too!

Black And White Wednesdays

So Im gonna start doing something special on here every day of the week. Let me know what you think, or if you have any ideas. Either drop me a comment here on the blog or send me an email to
The first thing Im gonna try out is Black And White Wednesdays.
Basically everyone is into artsyness lately so every Wednesday I'll post up the best of the artsy black and white photos I took.
This week since I forgot to take the photos I'll just use a few old ones from last week. Hope you like. Leave feedback!