Friday, February 27

Shane Bomb Makes Learning Fun.....& A Little Dirty

Here we have Shane Bomb explaining how the taste bud system works, via oral demonstration. Pay attention kids!

Thursday Drawrings

This is a weird campfire lake tree thing
artwork by: The Shawnzie

Thursday, February 26

Black And White Wednesdays (by way of Thursday)

Sorry Ive been slacking peoples but I was in Vegas living it up millionaire style.
So to make up for it this BWW (yes I know today is thursday) will be extra big and jam packed!

This one feature Nasty Nate and Shane Bomb and fun with ladders!

Wednesday, February 18

Thursday Drawrings

Ok so I'll probably be too busy in airports and creaming my jeans over how cool Vegas is to make a post so Im doing it today.
I have yet another new idea for Thursdays and I think this one will stick cause I like it tons. Its called Thursday Drawrings (yes I ment to spell it that way) and basically it features a drawing from someone.
This week we feature some of the epic art work from Mr. David Giesbrecht.

Black And White Wednesdays

Did you make the cut?

Monday, February 16

Work 1.2

Show some love and comment please!

You Guys Suck!

Umm how come nobody told me the Snedy's Favorite Friday clip was all fucked! So devoted fans you are. I know there is only three of you but fuck come on guys! You gotta give me a heads up when shit like that happens. Now I probably should fix it but Im way too lazy. Besides the opener was the only part I was proud of and it came out fine. If you wanna know what his favorites were I'll tell you. Porn. The dude in the shop who looked like Tommy Lee Jones. Snow(sarcastically). Chree(sarcastically). And of course Toy Machine.

Thursday, February 12

Elvis Was A Badass Thursday

Once upon a time there lived a man named Elvis. And he was every bit of everything that makes a man a man. He was born epically, he lived epically, and he died epically. He sang songs, made cheesy movies in Hawaii, went to war when our country needed him, and lets not forget, he got his dance moves from Forrest Gump. Oh, and I guess you could say he was one of the forefathers of Rock and Roll. There was two things you needed to know about him, one he was the king, and two look out man his hands could chop a man in half! There is two kinds of people who know karate, The King and the Chinese. Everything about him screamed charisma. He was defiantly one of history’s most epic bad asses!
I mean come on! Lets get down to the basics here. Number one thing that makes him so bad ass and so epic, the man died on the shitter. That’s right he died mid shit. Like in my opinion (which Travis will tell you is wrong) there is only two better ways to die, and that’s having sex or being ripped apart while discovering time travel. Number two thing that makes him badass, he was in the movies Blue Hawaii and Jailhouse Rock. Now if you’ve never seen either one of those movies then you cant open your fucking mouth! I grew up on those shits like every other weekend at my Aunts house when I was like 5. And I remember Jailhouse was cool just cause he was like a tough guy jailbird in it, and cause it was in a jail and there was lots of cool songs being sung. And in Blue Hawaii I just remember him being such a fucking pimp, playing the ukulele and banging Hawaiian bitches!
But ultimately you have to say he was a badass for the music and the music alone (although the dying on the shitter is a very close second). He brought Rock and Roll to the masses, gave birth to the ideas that gave birth to your favorite bands today, and was the first musician to get girls to throw their panties on stage(don’t kid your self, yes your grandmother was one of them).
So my hat is off to you Elvis Presley, my badass pick of the week. You’ve inspired millions to dress like you and make a damn fool of themselves, made pork chop sideburns cool, killed Germans, banged Hawaiian girls, made awesome music and movies, made the fried peanut butter and banana sandwich popular, and died the third coolest death ever. You truly are an epic badass!

Tuesday, February 10

Black And White Wednesday

Black And White Wednesday: Featuring
Snedy From Omaha, Richard, Shane Bomb, Chreeaass

Story Telling Tuesday: With Shane Bomb Williams

Today Shane Bomb tells us about cool kids smoking and car door handels.

Mystery Monday!

So this weeks Mystery Monday is actually going to be last weeks Snedy's Favorite Fridays episode. Now I know what you're thinking. That "thats not a mystery thats just you being lazy Shawnzie!" And yeah you are right I am lazy, but I dont apologize for that. I have a life too you know, and sometimes that life consists of going places with people, talking about anal sex, and watching Murderball 14 times! Give me a break ok, I had a busy weekend, plus you fuckers probably werent watching any ways. How do I know that? Well because you dont ever leave comments you vaginas. Also this makes your Monday/Tuesday better cause its loaded with the goods. So shut up and take it like I give it!

Friday, February 6

Hairy Hairy Thursdays??????

Will not be seen this week. Because I dont see Jeffery enough and hes too lazy to send me a picture. So regrettably I will probably most likely be canceling Hairy Hairy Thursdays. As sad as that is, it also means we get to come up with a new spotlight for Thursdays. So everybody put your thinking caps on and send me some ideas. You can either leave them in a comment on this post or email them to:

In the mean time enjoy a bunch of useless crap.

Double Shuvs are so hot right now!

Real Fucking Tough!

Dicks Meat.

This One Time I Went To Japan.

Wednesday, February 4

Black And White Wednesday

This week's Black And White Wednesday features Corey, Bennett, Nasty Nate, and Matt Ryan.

Tuesday, February 3

Story Telling Tuesday

True High School Stories With Shane Bomb Williams:

So every Tuesday we are gonna feature a story as told by some of the worlds best story tellers; the staff of BC Board Sports. Now most of the stories will probably be from Shane Bomb or Debolt, but thats ok cause they have the best stories any way.

Heres a true story from Shane Bomb's high school about boobs.

Monday, February 2

Mystery Mondays

Mondays are hereby known as Mystery Mondays. Basically what that intells is that you never know what you are gonna get. Thats right we could start the week off with a bang! Or we could start the week off with a piece of shit!

Have You Seen This Man?

That’s right the doucher with the Monster energy drink in one hand and his bro’s cock in the other. The one who has a drawer full of Affliction and other UFC tee shirts. The guy who wears his straight bill fox hat slightly to the side and over one ear.
Oh you have seen him have you? Well can I ask you this then? When the fuck did that become cool? When the fuck did we say it was ok to let people walk, talk , dress, and act like that? When the fuck did we decide to allow people like that to become the norm of whats cool. Seriously there is only one plus to that look, and that dude. It instantly lets women know who not to breed with. That look is like the scarlet letter for douche bags. “See my Affliction tee shirt? Then you probably don’t wanna sleep with me, because even though I may have an above average penis, I have an IQ lower then a goldfish and don’t know how to use it!”
I used to think I hated Hippies more then any other single group of concentrated wastes of people, but these fuckers are closing the gap quick. Seriously its no wonder normal kids are shooting up college campus’, you cant walk three feet with out running into “Big-D” from the “Dudebro Fraternity”. College for guys isn’t about getting drunk and scoring with chicks any more. Its about who can dye and carefully gel their hair into a douchier look than the other guys in the frat. These guys are this generations “King Douches”! Like so many before them, they seem to find something that is up and coming in the cool factor, then make it gayer then a sack of dicks to do or wear, then they hold onto it for far too long after its gone. Like the idiot wanna be rasta white college kids, who think Bob Marley is the best musician ever. When in reality they only think Bob is cool cause he smoked an enormous amount of pot, and the only two Bob Marley song they know the words to are “Buffalo Soldier” and “Jammin”. Or the fucking faggoty kids who think they are skaters cause they watched Jackass and have a Bam shirt. Never mind the fact that you only carry that Bam skateboard to look cool, you make all other skaters look bad, you cant do any tricks, and The only skaters you know the names of are the ones in Tony Hawks Pro Skater. Seriously put the bored down and pick up the cock cause we all know you are closet cases any way.
But back to the point at hand, the “Dudebros”. You took MMA away from me. You made me ashamed to watch it. You turned me, a die hard MMA fan, a man who has been there since UFC3, into a man who is embarrassed to say he watched the fight last night. Why? Because I know as soon as I say two words about the fight some Dudebro is gonna pop up out of the woodwork like a crackhead, and comment on the fight. You also turned MMA into a fashion fuck up. You fuckers became the heads of the clothing lines that sponsored the fighters. And in 2 short years you made a mans sport into a used douche. With every new tee shirt you put out you slowly bring the industry closer and closer to full on gay sex, and then we all know AIDS is followed shortly behind that, followed by the death of the industry. And like the plague you spread your douche AIDS to every thing you touch. Energy drinks are becoming gayer and gayer to drink, you might as well just drink straight out of a can shaped like a dick. Motocross and the chin strap beard are now out like Clay Aiken. Even gelling your hair now makes you a douche. Every time you spend more then 2 minutes gelling your hair, you might as well be styling it with cum.
Are you people getting the picture here? These “Dudebros” are ruining our very way of life. Ive found I have to ask myself now before doing anything, “Is this gonna make me look like a douche?”. I don’t wanna live like that any more. These fuckers need to be dealt with, and they need to be dealt with fast! I believe it is the responsibility of every American who has an IQ above that of VH1 reality stars, to take action and let these men know they are douche bags. It is your American duty to put a stop to this. If you see a person who fit’s the bill please, walk up to them slowly (retards frighten easily) and calmly explain to them that they are a douche and are ruining our way of life, and the American reputation (we are slowly becoming the French, and no one wants that). Inform them that they need to seek help, and a douche de-programming facility. Inform them that resistance is futile! They will change! This is not an option. And if they don’t see the error of their ways, and refuse to change, then you just calmly remove the toothbrush shank from your right pocket and stab those fuckers right there. One way or another we will bring an end to this. Or them if we have to.