Monday, April 27

Delux Hugs!

Can you beat his box?

Seriously I want this guy in my crew of friends. Like if I was seriously putting together an Ocean's 11 type epic group of friends he would most definitely be on it!

Saturday, April 4

The Top 10 Reasons Shane Williams Is Cooler Then You

Top 10 Shane Williams is cooler then you

10. He wears a green beanie

9. He wears gym shorts at all times so he can be ready to hardcore dance at a moments notice

8. He is very skilled at drawing self portraits of other people

7. He wears a Vneck with no hamburger meat

6. Plugs not thugs

5. Omahardcore!

4. Ask him to perform a “Shane Williams” on you, and he will fart on your dick

3. He sucks dicks

2. He’s color blind

1. He is in a band!

Did You Know 4/4/09

Did you know?

1. Shane Williams is color blind
2. He is also in a band
3. That bands name is Muridia
4. Muridia means snowball in Swahili
5. Hugh Jackman is actually, in real life, Wolverine
6. Dogs cant look up
7. Carter doesn’t actually hate Jews, he’s just happy he isn’t one
8. Leo Romero is now on the Toy Machine team
9. There are actually 3 steps in the 2 step dance
10. Travis King is right and you are wrong
11. Tic Tac’s contain a very small percentage of cyanide
12. March is over, it’s ok to shave your mustache now
13. I just saw Ajax… I swear I really did
14. You don’t know what you don’t know
15. Im part Pacific Islander
16. If your product doesn’t make dollars then it doesn’t make sense
17. There is a real “Willy Wonka” his real name is William Henry Wonkerson
18. Fat people consume 47% more oxygen per day then the average person
19. If you eat too much acidic food before bed it will cause you to have night time anal seepage
20. You just lost the game
21. And the sequel
22. And the prequel
23. And the re-imagining

Wednesday, April 1

You might enjoy this... if not well whatever

So I literally have nothing to post nothing to do. No new videos, no new nothing.
I have run out of ideas, and the old stuff got stale.
So here is my email address.
Do with it what you will!
(Seriously this isnt an april fools, this really is my email)

I dont have much....

But I do have this. So enjoy!