Tuesday, May 26

The Top 5 Things I Hate (Incase you didnt alrady know)

5: Hippies. They are dirty, and smelly and have dreadlocks that look dumb, they dont shower are always talking out their asses and think they are right about everything and are so self righteous, fuck them and their probable case of scurvy and dirty hippie std's!

4: The French. They are pretty much hippies although they would never admit to it cause they are far better then that. Those uppity sons of bitches. They smell just as bad as hippies and are like them in almost every way except they all think they are artists and are better then everyone.

3: The Canadians. They are responsible for all of the worlds problems.World hunger, pollution, AIDs, crime, pirating, all those Canada is directly responsible for. Also they are secretly planning to take over the world starting with the US. They use there famous people as Super Soldiers sent here to gain our trust and recon and gather info on us.

2: Gingers. Those red haired soulless bastards! They have no souls of their own, so they try to harvest souls from normal people. Their only purpose in life is to find someone gain their trust through underhanded shady ways and then trick them out of their soul!

1: French Canadians: There is nothing worse in the world than a French Canadian! Its a combination of two of the worst things in the world, and they truly are the masterminds behind Canada's world domination plans!

Thursday, May 21

Sherlock Holmes Trailer

So the new Sherlock Holmes trailer is up, and I gotta say Im even more stoked after seeing this. It was one thing to hear about it, but now to actually see it, WOWZERS. I didnt used to be a Downey Jr. fan but Ive been coming around more to him in the last 5 years especially after his stellar performance in Ironman. He looks amazing in this, plus its a Guy Ritchie direct, so you know its gonna be double fucking amazing. Any way peep the trailer and tell me what you think.

Tuesday, May 12

For Sale!!!

For real lots of great stuff for sale.
I also accept counter offers on prices
and I barter for other things
so go peep it and then buy something
more stuff on the way too!

emerica light box: $40
squirt gun: $0.50
autographed tommy sandaval poster: $10
hubba banner: $5
venture banner: $5
The Matador painting: $10
Autographed photo of me: $2
Fish: $0.50
Misc grab bag: $4

Fraggle Props