Thursday, June 25

Daily Texts From Last Night

(281): i really wish facebook had an app for when you are looking at a chick's photo album, you could just skip to the ones where she and/or her friends are dressed like skanks

WOWZER Wednesday (Circa Thursday)

This weeks winner is deffantly Olivia Munn. Her playboy spread (even though she didnt show anything) was one of the hottest things Ive seen in a while!

The King Of Pop Is Dead :(

As you all know by now Michael Jackson has died. Some b.s. about cardiac arrest or something. All I know is that a little piece of me died to day along with him :(

Thursday, June 18

Daily Texts From Last Night

(603): five shots of tequila, anal and 3 cigarettes. not my best idea on a saturday afternoon.

Taylor Swift & T-Pain "Thug Story"

Haha here's Taylor Swift and T=Pain's new rap video. Its pretty epic and funny.
Peep it!

Wednesday, June 17

Do You Guys Sell Vans???

Idk what do you fucking think!

WOWZER Wednesdays

To be honest I was going to give this weeks WOWZER award to Megan fox for looking so hot at the Berlin premire of Transformers 2 (pictures here) but then I saw these pictures of Olivia Wilde and I totally had to go with her! And If you dont know who Olivia Wilde is, she is on the show House and she plays the incredibly hot bisexual doctor Thirteen, also I guess shes in that new movie Year One. Idk you guys be the judges let me know who you think it should have been. Also you guys should know that you can comment on my posts with out being a member of blogspot, so fucking do it ok!

DailyTexts From Last Night

(571): So I went home with some chick last night... I'm not sue what's worse: not getting a nut at 5am, the condom breaking and not being replaced, feeling poo when I put my finger in her but, sleeping on a heroin mattress in her living room, her swine flu coughing fit at 7am or realizing she peed the matt at 10am. Actually it was probably the fact that she continuously told me she was the classiest girl in boulder.


So I was watching a James Bond movie the other day (You Only Live Twice, Conary is the best!) and I think I had an epiphany or at least a well rounded life question. Why arent there any henchmen any more? Did they ever even exist? And I don’t mean the mobster henchmen cause they arent henchmen they are “goons” and there is a difference. Goons are slow stupid independent thinkers but abide when the boss tells them too. Henchmen on the other hand are sheep. They all wear the same kinda badass uniform and they all move in a flock, no independent thought, no nothing. They are given orders and they follow them to the tee, if not the boss kills them to make an example out of them. So did they ever really exist? I mean Im not gonna take all the time to research it or anything, I just wanna know what you guys thought. I think if they did exist, they have gone out of style and we need to bring them back, and if they didn’t exist we should bring them to life. Whos down? Lets just go to the Home Depot, get a bunch of Mexicans and give them all the same outfit/costume and then start plotting global domination! You know who I would like to imagine has henchmen? David Bowie. Nuff said!

Monday, June 15

Daily Texts From Last Night

So there is this amazing website called it is basically the best thing ever. It compiles all these random and drunk and funny texts that people have sent each other, and then to this web site (if you dont get it just click the link). So any way I think Im gonna start putting up daily favorites, or at least every other day favorites.

Heres todays.

(847): i took some ambien and I TRIPPED out...i went into my mom's room to say goodnight and i don't remember anything...she said that i got really pissed at her because we were living in the Keebler elf tree and she was visiting other trees, then i started laughing hysterically and she goes "whats so funny?" and i go "there are 7 people sitting on my knees" and she goes "doesn't that hurt?" and i said "no we're sitting in a bowl" and then i capped it off and said "join the crazy train bro" and passed out.

Freaking Sweet!

This kid Joseph Carnevale, form North Carolina made this awesome graffiti sculpture out of construction road cones. I guess he got fined like $300 or something cause people in North Carolina hate art. I guess its all yay basketball and fuck art in NC.

Banksy Gets Art Exihbit

Man I wish I could fly to London to see this exhibit!

Stoked On These Guys Right Now.

The bands name is Walter Meego, and this is their single called "Forever" its hotsauce!

Why Aaron Loves... The CWS Pt. 2

Why Aaron Love..... The CWS

Koston Makes It Official!

So this is old news but Im putting it up any way. Eric Koston has made it official with Nike SB, probably signing a deal that makes P-Rod's look like small potatoes! Here's to the count down and me anxiously waiting for the Koston pro model to come out!

Wednesday, June 10

4star Presents Mark Gonzalez Day In The Life

4star just put this out the other day as a way to promote their new fall line or something. Its legit, peep it!

WOWZER Wednesdays

So Im gonna start a new thing for Wednesdays, and you are all more then welcome to help out. It's going to be called WOWZER Wednesdays, and basically its going to feature a picture of a smoking hot babe. You can help by sending in pictures you think should be featured. Please send all submissions to

And without further ado here is the opening WOWZER!

Carter Takes The Cinnamon Challenge.

This Is Fucking Awesome!!!

Wednesday, June 3

New Hubba Ad!!!!!!