Thursday, July 30

Random Hot Chick

Dont know who she is, and guess I really dont care.

New Ironman 2 Pictures

So hopefully crazy fucking Micky Rourke doesnt fucking ruin this movie. You know I really liked him better before he had his comeback in The Wrestler, you know when he was making shit money in film parts that nobody remembers he was in. Like I learned the other day that he was in that movie Domino with Kira Knightly. Yeah I know right? I didnt notice his crazy ass either. Anyhoo here are the recently released pics. Click them to make them bigger.

Friday, July 24

My Six To Midnight Moment

Boners all around!!!! No joke. Im gonna have a semi for this until next March!

Thursday, July 9

My Six To Midnight Moment

A six to midnight moment is anything that gives me a figurative or literal boner!
Yeah Duh, fuck your face if you dont get it or think its weird!

WOWZER Wednesday

Katy Perry. BOOM! Here it is. Her looking twice as hot then usual for some magazine photo shoot.

Monday, July 6

Thursday, July 2

The People At The Sears Tower Are Fucking Crazy!

So I guess at the Sears Tower in Chicago, they opened a new attraction today. That attraction being glass balconies on the 103rd floor! How fucking crazy is that? "The Ledge" as it has become called, is made up all of inch and a half thick glass and sticks out from the building about four feet. It sits roughly 1,353 feet up in the air. So it definatly seems completly fucking bat shit crazy, but I think I just added this to my bucket list. There's pictures below and a link to the full story (here) comment and other things.

Wednesday, July 1

New Hubba Ad!!!!

WOWZER Wednesdays!

Emma Watson. is this weeks WOWZER. Shes hot and shes legal and I cant wait to see her in the new Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. And I just realized Im creepy!