Sunday, August 30

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Greetings from Utah

Jonathan is in Utah right now, and he has agreed to send me some sweet artsy photos every day or so to show all of us back home how artsy Utah is.

Haha penis cloud.

86 in a 55.

Haha no clue wtf this is.

Friday, August 21

Brad Pitt Japanese Commercials

So this are probably two of the best commercials Ive ever seen, and they both star Brad Pitt, and are both for some Japanese company.
Peep them
comment them
I love you!

Softbank Dining from We Love You So on Vimeo.

Softbank Sumo from We Love You So on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 20


Nate just continues to get more and more artsy than me. What do I got to do to compete? I mean I did sleep in a tree. Does that count?
Any way check it, motorcycles and flippy floppies.

Wednesday, August 19

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We Are BC America

Look what I made!

Britney Spears Top 10 List

This will possibly restore your faith in Britney Spears' hotness. It kinda did mine, but mostly confused my penis. It thought it was turned on but still wasnt quite sure. Maybe if I watch it on mute and take away all that useless talking.
Any way, watch and decide for your self and then let me know what you think.

Saturday, August 15

Ashley Greene

Ok so none of you probably know who she is, but Ashley Greene is quickly becoming one of my favorite new stars. Not because of her acting talent so much as how incredibly hot she is. Heres a few pictures of her from some magazine, I dont know which one, or really even care. Just look and enjoy like I did, and count yourself lucky if you got to see the nude pics of her before her lawyers got them ripped off the internet.

Wednesday, August 12

Malto Mini Top 5

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I believe this ad is the first original "DA"

A Six To Midnight Moment

So this is the trailer for the next Marvel Animated movie. Lets just say I have a boner. This is gonna be epic. And nerds, lets start geeking now.
Peep and enjoy. Please comment, or I might kill myself. Thank you.

Thursday, August 6


Probably the most artsy picture Ive seen in a great while. Thanks to Nate for keeping it so classy and thanks to his sister Megan for taking the photo!

Hahahaha...... nipples

So I came up with a new recurring article for the blog today. Its gonna be called "Hahahaha..... nipples". Basically it just features dumb celebrities or regular girls whos nipples are visible. This week its that amazing train wreck of a lesbian, or whatever she is pretending to be this month to get attention, Lindsay Lohan. Enjoy.

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The Vampires Assistant Trailer

So this John C Riley movie looks pretty funny, and I guess it was based on a book. Hmm maybe I'll read it, but Im defiantly going to the movie.

Tuesday, August 4

Hahahahahahhahaha Monkays!

Double lame, with a side of boohoo!

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell Movie Trailer!!!!

They finally made it a movie! The new york times best selling book, I hope they serve beer in heel, by tucker max is finally coming to the big screen! From what Ive heard and read its gonna be a mash up of all the stories from that book. If the movie turns out to be half as good as the book, I still might shit my pants laughing!