Thursday, April 8

Captain America Movie

So I guess about two weeks ago Marvel announced who was gonna play Captain America in the upcoming movie. And I guess I was living under a rock two weeks ago cause I completely missed the announcement until now.

I am pretty stoked for who got it though Im a big fan of this guy and I think he can pull off the serious, and even darker parts of some Cap story lines (especially after watching his performance in 2007's Sunshine). So if you havent heard or guessed based on that last clue by now, the actor to get the part is Chris Evans.

Now there is so worry around the nerd community since Evans also played the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movies, but since the Fantastic Four series will likely be getting a reboot in the next few years, and based on the fact that Fox owns the rights to the character, we would never seen any cross over of Cap and the Fantastic Four. So everything should work out all hunky dorry.

Im so stoked and cant wait for this movie to come out. Im geeking something fierce for this one!
Here's a fan made poster for the movie that they should just go ahead and use it now.

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