Tuesday, May 25

Are You Fucking Kidding Me?

Teen werewolves? This is the new goth? In my world there are only two acceptable teen werewolves, and thats the original teen wolf Michael J. Fox, and Jacob from twilight!

Digging This

New Rihanna single featuring Slash and Travis Baker. Its called "Rockstar 101"
Its hot, Rihanna is hot, if you dont like it, suck it!

Friday, May 21

Things That Make Me Smile...Double Edition

Im gonna give you guys two today cause its been a few days since Ive done a TTMMS.

Uhhhh... What Just Happened?

"FLESH" Mr Flash Music video from C├ędric BLAISBOIS on Vimeo.

Im really turned on, a lot confused and kinda hungry after watching this music video.
Its by Mr. Flash and is called Flesh. Oh yeah its probably NSFW

BC Days 2010!!!

BE THERE!!! Its BC's annual BC Days event. June 20th Nebraska City skatepark, July 18th Seymore Smith park, August 22nd Roberts park. All events start at around 5pm. There will be a product toss and lots of good skating and fun. So try to make it to atleast one of these days if not all of them!

Wednesday, May 19

I want this

So this lady turned her garage into a livable house for like $32,000. She lives in Seattle and Im wondering if $32,000 is chump change around there? I guess it is chump change in any house market, but this house is also a lot smaller then most, but it still has everything; bedroom, kitchen, bathroom.

I love it and would love to live in something small and intimate like this. So does anybody have a garage I can do this to? Also would you be willing to co-sign a $32,000 loan with me?

Here is a link to more photos of what she did.

This Just In....

Men In Black 3 has been given the green light. Will Smith is signed on and so is Barry Sonnenfeld(he directed the first two). Also Tommy Lee Jones is in negotiations to reprise his roll as Agent Kay.

Im hyped for this. I was a big fan of the first two, although I did think they tried to go to kiddy with the second one. We dont need any of the Nick Cannon cameos, no more talking dog sidekick, and no more Rip Torn fight scenes. Let the worm guys and Will Smith be the comic relief, and get a little dark with the story line. Also please bring back Rosario Dawson and her lovely sweater kittens.

A little part of me just died

Why in the fuck didnt anyone tell me that Heroes got canceled? Are you serious? FUCK!! I blame this souly on the fucking writers strike. After that they lost their mojo, and the 3rd season I will admit sucked the big one. There was way too much going on, and too many characters to keep track of. But I thought they were finally starting to get their momentum back. Sure there was a lot of unnecessary side plots going on that didnt really need to be there, and they had a hard time digging themselves out of holes they put themselves in from the 3rd season, but I thought towards the end it was coming back around. But NBC, being the giant dumb fucking cunts that they are, didnt give it a real shot to get back on track. Fuck! It would be awesome if another network would pick up this show. Thats my birthday wish, that and that they should let me write for the show. I could keep the shit straight!

Obama On Chatroulette

President Obama had a little free time so he gave Chatroulette! a try.

Radtastic Star Wars Shirts

These are two of the best "alt" Star Wars shirts Ive ever seen! They are amazing and I think someone should buy me one of them....I mean my birthday is coming up soon....hint hint, wink wink....cough cough, the bobba fett one is only $9, and is only available for 11 more hours today (may 19th)

From: Tee Fury

From: Splitreason

Monday, May 17

Check Out C3's Sweet New Smile

Insert joke here ___________.

Ronnie James Dio Died

Rock legend Ronnie James Dio died on Sunday. He was 67, and rock and roll wouldnt be what it is today without him. Dio is often credited with inventing the devil horn hand gesture. He was the front man of Black Sabbath after Ozzy got kicked out, and if you dont know him from that Tenacious D wrote a song inspired by him, very appropriately titled "Dio".

"GINK" new derrick comedy video

Thursday, May 13

Somebody Buy This For Me

Pretty please with a cherry on top....
You can buy it here

How Is She Still Alive? Or Relevant?

Seriously! Come on! How on earth is Tila Tequila still relevant? How is she still alive? Honestly she would probably be on my first round draft picks for a death-pool league. The only thing she really offers the world is her huge fake tits. I mean she is kinda hot when she keeps words from coming out of her mouth, but thats it. I thought for sure she would have been found face down in a pile of her own puke, due to a coke overdose or silicone poisoning. Any way. Heres her, somewhere, at something, in some whore outfit. Enjoy.

Deathwish Last Supper Board Series. HA!

HA! This is awesome. The deathwish boys in a last supper creation. Antwan is Jesus hahaha. Awesome!

So I Guess Kendra Has A Sextape

Thats right Kendra from 'The Girls Next Door' fame has a sex tape, or possibly a couple of them. Vivid got their hands on it and they are gonna sell it, and lets be real, as soon as its on the interweb Im gonna watch it. Just being honest folks. Make your judgments of her and me now.

Christina Aguilera Does German GQ

Uhhhhhhhh. That was the was the sound of my jaw hitting the floor! Is it me or does Christina just get hotter with age? Any way, enjoy.

Banksy In America

So I guess for the last few weeks or months or whatever, Banksy has been in America hitting up different cities and leaving some tags behind. Here are some pictures of his stuff from around Boston. I will try and find some of the other stuff he's done while here and post it soon.

found at: thedailywh.at

Things That Make Me Smile of the day

So Im gonna be real. There havent been to many things in this last week that Ive found that make me smile, nothing Ive wanted to post on here any way. The internet has been slacking. So im saying this to you internet; GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER! I expect more from you! But I digres. I did find this today and it made me smile instantly and brought me back to a simpler time in my life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Tuesday, May 11

This Kid KILLS IT!!

Seriously I wish I had half this kids talent! You know all those 6th grade bitches in the background are creaming themselves right now. His name is Greyson, he's in 6th grade, and he's killing it with this cover of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi"!

found at: Thedailywh.at

Monday, May 3

Dont Jerk Off To This

Derrick Comedy's latest youtube video. Pretty funny stuff. Please dont jerk off to ur own pictures of fruit.

Things That Make Me Smile of the day: Double Stuffed


This guy is my new hero. 'Nuff Said!

His name is Damien Walters, and he's a super hero, or he could be if he wanted to!

[found at: thedailywh.at]

Batman Porn!

Ok so this is a parody porn of the 1960's Batman TV series. The trailer is kind of funny, and Im not sure how good of a porn its gonna be, but it defiantly sparked my interest and I am going to have to watch the whole thing when it comes out.

[found at:boingboing]