Wednesday, May 19

A little part of me just died

Why in the fuck didnt anyone tell me that Heroes got canceled? Are you serious? FUCK!! I blame this souly on the fucking writers strike. After that they lost their mojo, and the 3rd season I will admit sucked the big one. There was way too much going on, and too many characters to keep track of. But I thought they were finally starting to get their momentum back. Sure there was a lot of unnecessary side plots going on that didnt really need to be there, and they had a hard time digging themselves out of holes they put themselves in from the 3rd season, but I thought towards the end it was coming back around. But NBC, being the giant dumb fucking cunts that they are, didnt give it a real shot to get back on track. Fuck! It would be awesome if another network would pick up this show. Thats my birthday wish, that and that they should let me write for the show. I could keep the shit straight!

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