Tuesday, June 29

Things you should buy for me #4 of the day

Waffles on a STICK!!!!! Buy this for me!!! Idk where to buy it but if you read spanish you can read about it here.

Story Of My Life of the day

Things you should buy for me #3 of the day

You should buy me this sweet shirt from Threadless. I promise I'll love you forever!
Buy it here.

If you would like to buy it for me email me at: robotsvszombies04@gmail.com

Monday, June 28

Los Links of the day

NASA bans Astronaut sex on the space station. Total buzz kill for anyone dreaming of doing it in zero gravity.

Alice Eve (the hot chick from the movie "She's out of my league) to play Emma Frost in X-men prequel. Very confused by if and how they will make all the stories fit together.

(Above) My future wife. Shes hot. Single. 22. From England. Hot. Oh and HOT!

Idk WTF I Just Watched...

So you should watch it too!

Friday, June 25

I know it's not valentines day but.....

This video was too good to pass up. These hooligans rock some Savage Garden for their ladies and for a puma valentines day spot for English tv. Im digging it.

via: SadAndUseless

Thursday, June 24

Mr. Trebek Meets Auto-Tune

Sweetest Jeopardy category ever! They auto-tune Trebek's voice as he sings songs, then they have to guess the song. It seems to me that Jeopardy is riding the fine line of going down hill, or entering the 21st century of awesome. Im not sure which yet though.

Saturday, June 19

Nice Rack

Things That Make Me Smile of the day

I want one! Whos down?

Story Of My Life of the day

Why have I never thought of doing this myself? I love pancakes. I love bacon. I love pancake and bacon breakfasts cause I love to dip my bacon in syrup. This is like a fusion of awesome like when Goku and Vegeta fuse together to make Gogeta. This is like the super saiyan 4 of breakfasts!

What Our Future Holds

Never disrespect a robot. Because a robot's pimp hand is strong!



Friday, June 18

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World trailer #2

Cant wait! Book 6 needs to come out soon! They should rush it out! I need it!

Wednesday, June 16

New Narnia

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So they are finally coming out with another Narnia. I think its been like three years or something. Any way its called "The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader" and heres the trailer.

Sunday, June 13

Story Of My Life of the day

Aww He Looks So Happy

Adidas Originals Star Wars Ad

Genius! Very on point!

Umm Yes Please!

I guess this is based on some super popular japanese manga. I should probably read it then cause it involves asian strippers, zombies, and boobies.

Mortal Kombat Rebirth Concept

I hope they really go forward and turn this into a movie! Its so sick! Jeri Ryan as Sonya Blade and Michael Jai White as Jacks. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? SO AWESOME!!!

Wednesday, June 2

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World full trailer

So freaking stoked for this. Working my way through the Manga series. Im on book three so far. Hope I finish before the movie comes out.

Los Links

Guess who's now a Captain and a Knight? Thats right Patrick Stuart is!

How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight? I got 32, how many can you get?

(Above)First look at The Walking Dead. Its being directed by the guy who did Green Mile, and Shawshank. Thats a plus. Minus = there's only 6 episodes in the first season.

Story Of My Life

I want this framed and on my wall right now!