Tuesday, July 27

Someone Poisoned The Watering Hole....

....Then I put six bullets in that bastard!
Wowzers! Turns out Woody is a bad ass!

This Is How My Day Went Today


How To Give Your Child "The Talk"

Wish my birds and bees talk was this informative....

Via. Explosm

Spotted This On TV The Other Night

So I was watching the ol' boobtube the other night, and I spotted this. I wasnt sure if my eyes were being true to me or not. I thought "no it cant be that", but sure enough when they showed it again it was. THE FUCKING POWER RANGERS COMMAND CENTER!!!! The show I was watching was The Mentalist and I had to google it to make sure it really was the command center, and it was. So umm I guess this just in.... The Mentalist is actually a Power Ranger. Yeah!!! TV conspiracy solved!

Things That Involve Batman of the day.....

.....A fucking sexy ass girl batman!!!

Monday, July 26

Sucker Punch Teaser Trailer

Still not really sure whats going on here, but I know it involves guns, explosions, hot chicks in little clothing, and hot chicks in little clothing shooting guns and causing explosions. So basically its a wet dream come to life. Also it helps that the main character is played by Emily Browning, and Ive had a crush on her since the Lemony Snicket movie!

Sunday, July 25

Motivational Poster of the day

This one is in honor of the San Diego Comic Con happening this week. Wish I could be there!

Things That Involve Batman of the day

"who says crime fighting cant be all rainbows and unicorns?"

Los Links of the day

The new Zack Snyder movie Sucker Punch staring Vanessa Hudgens, released its first teaser posters. If youve never heard of this movie, dont worry youre not alone, I havent either. Looks good though, and by good I mean it has a ton of hot chicks in it.

Dude breaks into a closed bar and re-opens it. Gets arrested shortly there after.

Say whaaaaaaaaaat
????? p.s. NSFW!!!!!

Office Cat

Ron Livingston (Yes, thats the guy from office space) re-enacts the keyboard cat video.

Jane Austin's Fight Club

So I say they make this into a real movie, and then they should do like pride and prejudice and zombies, and Abraham Lincoln vampire killer.

Longboarders Bomb A Highway At 60+

This is absolutely insane! These guys are passing cars on the highway.

Wednesday, July 21

Tuesday, July 20

Motivational Poster of the day

This Guy Really Wants To Go Shopping


NPH Is a Fan Of The Double Rainbow

NPH spots the mythical Double Rainbow!

Via. NPH's Twitter

Los Links of the day

Kid trades a cell phone for a Porsche on Craigslist in 14 swaps.

Are you radioactive..... A Flow Chart.

Things That Involve Batman of the day

So Batman is Chuck Norris?

I Wanna Live Here!!!

I want this house, hut, thing, whatever it is now!!! Someone find room in your backyard for something like this. I'll build and pay utilities for things like electricity, but you gotta let me live on the property for free.

Via. TNW

Things That Make Me Smile of the day

The evolution of the Beatles, as told by their hair cuts.

Via. Thedailywh.at

Zombie of the day

The Limousines new music video, involving 2 little kids showing us all how to survive the zombie apocalypse, for their song "Internet Killed The Video Star"

Wednesday, July 14

Things That Involve Batman of the day

New Season Of The Guild

Heres the first episode from season 4. If you want to check out old episodes and get the back story and what not click here.

<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-us&from=sp&fg=shareObject&vid=9c194351-975c-4b54-9462-e85b3e87af8e" target="_new" title="Season 4 - Episode 1 - Epic Guilt">Video: Season 4 - Episode 1 - Epic Guilt</a>

Tuesday, July 13

Monday, July 5

Looooooooos Liiiiiiiiiinks of the day

I hope you enjoy this video of a turtle as much as I did. I think they should name that turtle Michaelangelo...cause he's a "party dude"!

The internet is over.... according to Prince. Did I ever tell you guys how Prince is Batshit crazy? (via thedailywh.at)

Two more Mad Max films. Dont worry they will be Mel Gibson free. You wont have to listen to him be raciest in a post apocalyptic world.

Vikki Blows. Just cause it was just America's birthday, and what better way to celebrate America's triumphant victory over those oppressive British, than by looking at an amazingly hot British babe!

Saturday, July 3

10. Deep Killin Time

10.DEEP Killin' Time from 10.DEEP Skateboarding on Vimeo.

I Think I Just Cried A Little

The first poster for the last of the Harry Potter movies

The Reason You Should Go See Eclipse

So I went and saw the Eclipse movie last night, and it was honestly the best of the Twilight movies so far. Tons of action and suspense. Now if you are gonna say Im gay for seeing twilight, go fuck your self and then look at the picture above (and the ones bellow). There is just as much in the Twilight movies for guys as there is girls. Well maybe not AS much, but still the movie is filled with hot chicks. And on that note I would like to personally thank the Twilight Saga, because without it I would have never known who Ashley Greene was (thats the hot chick in these pictures).

Los Links of the day

My new found foreign love! She's from England and her name is Rosie Jones. On a side note, does anyone want to move to england with me? Click here to see more....and I mean a lot more!

Uhhhhh I guess I have no other links..... Just enjoy the hot Chick!

Thursday, July 1

Things You Should Buy For Me #5 of the day

Dr. Seuss Cat In The Hat Chuck Taylor's. I REALLY WANT THESE!!!!
peep the link.

I want to do this....

All of this! Lets get a team together and do it! Someone teach me how to do special effects like this! Man this video got me so hyped!

Los Links of the day

Judd Apatow is producing the new Pee-wee Herman movie. Peep the Variety article.

Wanna see a picture of a planet in another solar system?

Click this is you dare!!!