Tuesday, August 31

Awesome Pokemon Picture of the day

"Um excuse me stewardess. There seems to be a large ghost type Pokemon causing mischief and mayhem in my section."

Two Guys Arguing Over Pokemon

Simplistic Pokemon Wallpapers

These are probably the best thing to hit Pokemon since the masterball! Haha Pokemon joke. Any way these are brought to you by the folks over at PLDH.net. Click here for a link to the download page. I would say they have about 65% of all the Pokemon made up.

Motivational Poster of the day

Fucking Zubat!

Thunderbolt Pikachu!!!

Monday, August 30

Motivational Poster of the day

First Pokemon related motivational poster of the week. It's ok Ash, we all want a piece of Misty's ass.

Ive Decided That For Whatever Reason It's Pokemon Week!!!

Yeah! Idk why, but its happening. Ive decided that this week will be Pokemon week! So get ready for an awesome week filled with lots of Pokemon related posts. Oh and if you dont like Pokemon you can just fucking go to hell and suck on Satan's fat demon dick!

Wednesday, August 25

Pee-wee Goes To Sturgis


It's finally here!!! The long awaited and anticipated season 3 of Snedy's Favorite Fridays! Here's the first episode in all its special glory!

Things You Should Buy For Me #15 x Welcome To The 21st Century of the day

This Things You Should Buy For Me is a special one because it is a colab with a new series Im gonna start called "Welcome To The 21st Century". This new series will spotlight awesome new shit being invented and released to the world! But any way you should buy me this! It is a prototype (Hopefully soon to be marketed to the world) of a one person RV. It has a kitchen with stove and fridge, a bed, 2 seating areas, a place to hang your laundry, and it is a moving vehicle. This is the all in one package I would love to have once the Zombie Apocalypse arrives, and its never too early to start stocking up for WWZ! Here's a link to more information about it.

Best Breakup Song You Will Ever Hear just saying

Cee-Lo Green's latest single off of the album that doesnt even have a release date yet. Its probably the best breakup song ever written or that you will ever hear...... just saying

The Walking Dead Teaser!!!!!!!!!!

Stop whatever the hell it is you are doing at this point and time in your life and watch the hell out of this video!!!! Its four and a half minutes of your life that you will be glad to give away! It's the first teaser trailer for AMC adaptation of critically acclaimed graphic novel The Walking Dead. If you have never heard of this book I highly recommend you spend the next 2 months catching up on the back issues before the series premiere this Halloween!

Friday, August 20

Los Links of the day

Illustrations of a post-apocalyptic Tokyo.

The best tree-houses ever built.

Tila Tequila was topless at her show when the juggalos attacked her. Oh sluts and juggalos, will they ever learn?

Thursday, August 19

Story Of My Life of the day

Things You Should Buy For Me #14 of the day

I want this in my kitchen like now! Like fucking yesterday! I wanna make ninja cookies sooooo freaking bad, and I wanna use frosting to color in their little ninja cookie costumes, and then I want to have little pretend ninja cookie battles with them. OMG Im geeking. I need these!! Pick them up for me, or you, but mostly me here. Only $7.99 + shipping!!!

Wednesday, August 18

Things That Involve Batman of the day

Our Father who art in the batcave,
Dark Knight be thy name.
Thy Batman come.
Thy Justice will be done
in the Gotham as it is in Metropolis.
Give us this day our daily Savior,
and punish us for our trespasses,
as you would punish those who trespass against us,
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the Batman,
and the dark knight, and the caped crusader,
for ever and ever. Amen

JGL Laying Down An Amazing Cover

Joseph Gordon-Levitt lays down a cover of "A Natural Woman" at some music and entertainment festival. Its pretty epic. I bet there was some moist panties in the crowd that night.

Tuesday, August 17

Joining This Team

Ok well maybe I dont want to move all the way to L.A. but we should for sure start something like this around here. Its never too early to start preparing for the zombie apocalypse!

Things You Should Buy For Me #13 of the day

How much freaking fun would this be??? Its a train track and slot car track that intersect!!!
Soooo much fun. I want want want!!! Does wanting this toy make me sadistic? Is it wrong that I want to pretend that while racing their hot rods down thunder road these idiot (and possibly drunk) teenagers couldnt beat the train?

Check it out and buy it for me here!!!

Works Every Time

Its official Im gonna try this!

Via. C&Y

Fun Fact

Eehhh?? Eeehhhhh??? Hahahaha.

Via: thedailywh.at

Monday, August 16

Things That Involve Batman of the day

This dude built his own Tumbler Cycle! How fucking badass is that!!!

Motivational Poster of the day

Part Two Of How To Become A Super Hero


Things You Should Buy For Me #12 of the day

Clerks x Etnies colab!!!! I want want want! They are on the Jameson model. I want want want, if you dont get for me I will have to call Sole Tech and proform them any ways.

Ooooh So Thats How You Do It.... There's So Many Options

Im working on learning magic and government testing for myself...... maybe lab disaster. I gotta know at least one college kid who sucks at chemistry.


Johnny Depp Can Play Anything

See?? I wasnt even lying!

Sunday, August 8

Cant Wait For This

Something tells me at some point in this movie there will be a 3-D wiener or two.

The Lost Epilogue: The New Man In Charge

So I guess this 12 minute video was made to help wrap up some of the loose ends after Lost ended. It kinda does, but in true Lost fashion it also leaves you with a few new questions.

Fuck! I guess the video embedded code doesnt work or whatever so heres a link to it.

Los Links of the day

Sheep take over the Hobbit houses on the former Lord Of The Rings set.

Emma Watson, aka Hermione Granger, cut off all her hair. Heres why.

Check it out. Rihanna likes to touch herself on stage.

Fall/Winter Adidas x Star Wars collabs.

Do The Pizza Dance

Learn to do the "Pizza Dance", or just watch these hot Asian chicks do it.
God I love Asians!

Thursday, August 5

"F" Bombs

"Well you probably shouldnt drop it."
Hahaha. I guess Im just all about the comic strips today.


Things That Make Me Smile of the day

Every single ignition and retraction of a light saber in Star Wars.

5 Second Rule...


Zombie Tennis

Check out this sweet zombie playing tennis with brains! Its by artist Dan Hipp. Check out his blog and see his other sweet pieces.

Batman: Arkham City

Finally!!!! The sequal is coming! I cant wait! The follow up to Batman: Arkham Asylum, is finally coming out next fall and will be titled, Batman: Arkham City. Here is a link to an article about the game, and here is a link to the official site, where there is a teaser trailer.

Even More Proof That All Cats Are Evil

Are you fucking kidding me? I need an old priest and a young priest! The power of Christ compels you! THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!!!

Things You Should Buy For Me #11 of the day

Ummmm yes please!!!! These would go so good with the star trek fish someone is gonna get me! Come on guys I love you and give you awesome things to read, this is the least you could do for me if you love me. I mean you guys all did miss my birthday and Christmas. Get it here.

Things You Should Buy For Me #10 of the day

Please, please, please, pleeeeeaaaaasssssse someone buy me this? Its only like $8 and it soooooo freaking awesome! I need it and want it and need it and if I dont get it Im gonna DIIIIEEEEE!!!
Get it for me Here.

Ha! Fucking Cats Are Dumb!

Silly cat thinks he's Superman.

Wednesday, August 4

Venture Bros. Season 4.5 Teaser Trailer

Cant fucking wait for the new season!! Best show on Adult Swim hands down!! Premieres September 12th.

Los Links of the day

30 best baseball card pictures EVER!!!

Wanna see the sun erupt a giant burp of firey solar flare?

Top 10 teen starlets turning 18 in the next few years.

WWII photos blended with modern day photos. Also check out these other old photos blended with modern pictures.

Six To Midnight Moment

Attention Fanboys! Boners at the ready! And jizz in your pants over this pleaser of a teaser!

Motivational Poster of the day

It's true. They will!

Sunday, August 1

The History Of Lube

Hahaha funny Astroglide commercial about the history of lube and how they perfected it. Possibly nsfw.

Los Links of the day

"ICP Parking Lot". A couple of those girls might actually be hot, if they didnt listen to ICP.

Interesting facts about sex infographic.

New York City from above.

Star Wars yoga.

Ha! I Hope My First Born Is Like This

Via: Thedailywh.at

Things You Should Buy For Me #9 of the day

I want one!!! Who's gonna go out on a limb and buy me one? Seriously? If you would like to buy me one or know where I can get one you copy down the email address to the right side of the page!!!

There's So Many Things Right About This

This is why I love Japan! Seriously! Who doesnt want to walk into a bathroom and pee into a giant mouth? Exactly! Everyone wants to do this, and its fun for everyone, those lips are big enough for a woman to sit on!