Thursday, September 30

Ashley Greene Is Dating A Jonas Brother? WTF!!!

Ok seriously, WTF is happening here?!?!??? Ashley Greene is dating Joe Jonas? Is this real? Am I dreaming? WTF!!!!! I have so many logical problems with this, aside from the fact that he is a douche and he gets to date a ton of hot girls. Ok first off isnt he all Mr. Pure, and I save myself for marriage and shit? Then why the fuck is he with Ashley Greene? She is a sexpot with leaked nude photos of herself, that she never even denied mind you, out there. Which means she obviously wanted to give it, and or, get it from somebody in the past. Im pretty sure she is DTF, which brings up the more important thing, why the fuck is she with him? She knows she cant be fucking him or it will ruin his public image. How did the executives at Disney let this happen? Im so baffled by this, and I feel bad for Ashley Greene. Listen sweetheart. When you realize he's a douchey, save myself for marriage, corporate puppet, you go ahead and give me a call. I'll rescue you away from the disease known as Jonas.

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Aint it the truth!

Badass Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear crushing skulls and dreams in his Warhammer 40k armor.

Also check out Badass Woody, if you missed it a few months back, here.

Wednesday, September 29

Amazing Fucking Ninetales Tattoo

So jealous! This tat is epic!!! It will look so sick once its all colored in!

Via. Fuck Yeah Pokememe.

Will Wheaton's Double Rainbow Video

Incase you dont know who Will Wheaton is, he played Dr. Crusher's son Wesley Crusher on Star Trek The Next Generation. And if you still dont know who that is, go fuck yourself!

Greg Giraldo (December 10, 1965 — September 29, 2010)

So I guess Greg Giraldo died today. Pretty bummed. He was super funny, always quick with the wit and the sarcasm. They're saying it was an accidental overdose. Never thought that Greg would be the type to go down this road. Idk..... Hollywood. Fuck.

Read more about it here.

Tuesday, September 28

Monday, September 27

Air Sex Championships

Just like the Air Guitar Championships they made a documentary about. I say they make one about this!!!

Check out the air sex championship here.

Via: I Heart Chaos.

Fan Made The Walking Dead Intro

THE WALKING DEAD "Opening Titles" from Daniel Kanemoto on Vimeo.

Some fan made this in anticipation for the start of The Walking Dead series. I was very reluctant to watch it at first, but its really well made, and it would be a good intro for the series regardless.

Jay-Z And Warren Buffet Interviewed In Omaha For Forbes Magazine

Im lazy so I havent read the article yet, but I guess they are talking about being responsible with ur money when ur rich and giving back to the community and what not. The part I found more interesting in all of this is that they were in Omaha. Now its no big thing for Buffet to be in Omaha, but for Hov to be here in this little crap hole of a city that I work in every day is kinda cool to know. I would have literally shit my pants if I would have accidentally run into him on the street or something. They ate at the now closed Hollywood Dinner...... IDK just weird. Read the whole article here.

Snedy's Favorite Fridays Season 3 Ep. 2


Sunday, September 26

Have You Seen The New Axe Commercial?

I know its been out and on tv for a while now, but have you seen this commercial for the Axe detailer? Very funny, and very suggestive!

Saturday, September 25

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Isnt history fun?

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Oh. And things that involve Superman too!


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I know several.

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Women who may or may not know they have been photographed in public. (NSFW)

Robot teaches itself how to use bow and arrow. The end is nigh.

Viva La Hova Remastered. Jay-Z x Coldplay mash-up mixtape. Honestly some of the best mash-ups Ive ever heard. Free Download.

Can Someone Build Me One Of These?

Seriously can someone build me one of these, or something like it? This thing is so bad ass!

Via: Likecool

This Will Be Going Viral In 3..2..1..

This is an amazing cover of the Foo Fighter's song "Everlong" by a very young brother and sister. This brother and sister combo were at the Electric Picnic Music Festival and spotted an open mic sign in front of the OxJam tent and went in and grabbed a spot. This is super amazing, they are very talented and like I said Im sure this video will go viral very soon. The girl is hitting the hipster look a little hard for being so young, I hope thats something she grows out of, but I expect big things out of these kids!

Wednesday, September 22

Tuesday, September 21

Pokémon Apokélypse

This is a fan made film that should honestly be made into a real film! It gave me goosebumps watching it. If this was a real movie I would cum buckets and buckets waiting for it to come out! I like how they are trying to play it up as if Pokemon could really exist, like this is what our world would be like with them. I wasnt too crazy about the guns, but its just trying to show that in the real world Team Rocket would be the ruthless criminals who use deadly force. Man two amazing Pokemon posts back to back..... Where was this awesome stuff during Pokemon Week?

Pokemon Re-imagined

Here are a few pictures of Gavin Mackey's on going Pokemon Re-imagined art project. I think this is pretty sweet. Its like they are trying to make them realistically believable. Im stoked on them. What do you guys think? Also check out the rest of his collection here.

Monday, September 20

NC A&T Marching Band Cover The "Bed Intruder Song"

The Internet Died...

Thats why I havent posted so much lately. More precisely the last 7 days of nothing. Sorry. Maybe someone should tell the internet to start puting out awesome again. Thanks.

-The Shawnzie

Monday, September 13

The Object To Your Left...

Things That Involve Batman of the day

Thanks Alan.

Los Links of the day

Would you trust a bum with your credit card?

Yeah because colonizing an asteroid before the moon is a great idea..... I dont really know which is better actually.

Dude catches 30 pound "goldfish".

"Zombie Studies". Wish I could have taken that course while I was in college.

Wednesday, September 8

Pokemon Theme One Man A Cappella

Kid Geeks Hard While Opening His Pokemon Cards

Throw Back Video

I remember watching this shit so long ago when ebaumsworld was still a talked about thing. I think this shit actually came out pre youtube.

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Things You Should Buy For Me #16 of the day

I dont even know where the hell you would find something like this, but if you find one I promise I will fucking wear it! I swear on my life that I would put this on, and if you bring it to me and I puss out I will shit my pants for lying!

Found @ fuckyeahpokememe

Tuesday, September 7

Motivational Poster of the day

Well..... It was interesting a long time ago, but this certainly does help.

...So I Became God x Story Of My Life

.... story of my Pokemon life!

If Ash Ketchum Was On Facebook

Oh Professor Oak, you would lose your head if it wasnt attached to your pokedex!

Camp Brock....... Get It?

HA! Get it? Get it?

Pokemon Tattoos

Oh yeah! Thats right Pokemon Tattoos!!! Show us your ink. If you have Pokemon ink or know someone who does send them to the email at the right and Ill put them up with the rest of these. The top one is mine and the one under that is my little brothers. All the other ones are ones I found through a Google search. I thought they were rad.

Monday, September 6

Pokemon Fusion Machine

Ok so here's something Pokemon related that should keep you busy for like 10 minutes. Its a Pokemon Fusion machine/generator. Basically it just puts the face of one Pokemon on another and then changes its color, but its still kinda fun. Go check it out here.


So Pokemon Week is going to continue for the next two days since I was a lazy piece of shit this weekend and didnt post anything for three day. I will try my hardest to post the most epic Pokemon stuff in the next 2 days. SO to be clear Pokemon Week will officially end on Wednesday night at midnight. Also again if you have any suggestions please send them to me. There is an email link somewhere in the side bar over there ---------------->

And now enjoy this picture of semi-realistic pokemon battle!

Wednesday, September 1

Pokemon After The Fight

Check out what Pokemon look like after the battle. They get pretty busted up. Check it out here.

Things That Involve Batman of the day

Uhhh I dont even know what to call you? You're so legendary you dont even have a name. Maybe we will call you Pikabat, or Dark Knightachu...... Idk what do you guys think we should name him?

Motivational Poster of the day

Id vote for the guy..... just sayin.