Thursday, September 30

Ashley Greene Is Dating A Jonas Brother? WTF!!!

Ok seriously, WTF is happening here?!?!??? Ashley Greene is dating Joe Jonas? Is this real? Am I dreaming? WTF!!!!! I have so many logical problems with this, aside from the fact that he is a douche and he gets to date a ton of hot girls. Ok first off isnt he all Mr. Pure, and I save myself for marriage and shit? Then why the fuck is he with Ashley Greene? She is a sexpot with leaked nude photos of herself, that she never even denied mind you, out there. Which means she obviously wanted to give it, and or, get it from somebody in the past. Im pretty sure she is DTF, which brings up the more important thing, why the fuck is she with him? She knows she cant be fucking him or it will ruin his public image. How did the executives at Disney let this happen? Im so baffled by this, and I feel bad for Ashley Greene. Listen sweetheart. When you realize he's a douchey, save myself for marriage, corporate puppet, you go ahead and give me a call. I'll rescue you away from the disease known as Jonas.

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