Sunday, October 31

Halloween Is Pedo Bear's Favorite Holiday

Oh Pedo Bear, you so crazy!

Pokemon Zombies

Via. Fuck Yeah Pokememe.

Zach Galifianakis Smokes Joint On Real Time With Bill Maher

So Zach Galifianakis was on Real Time With Bill Maher talking about prop 19, and he lit up a joint to get his point across.

Via. Laughing Squid.

"Dead Drops" Art Project

Aram Bartholl, is setting up these "Dead Drops" all around New York, in hopes of starting up an anonymous, offline p2p network. An untraceable file sharing network. Anyone can just walk up and connect. They can upload or download any files they want. I think this is genius. The only thing that could hold it back is vandalism or asshole putting bad files onto them. Read more about this project here and here.

An SNL Digital Short

The return of Rihanna and Shy Ronnie. Also Mad Men's Jon Hamm makes a nice little cameo.

Friday, October 29

Motivational Poster of the day

I Love Me Some Misty

But then again, who doesnt!

Things You Should Buy For Me #21 of the day

I WANT!!!!! Having one of these would make me feel all Peter Pan's Lost Boys! This shit is so awesome, too bad fucking summer is over, but you can go a head and buy me one for next summer. Also if you are pretty, and you buy it for me, you can lay in it with me! Thats right. How about that bonus! Pick one up here.

Wednesday, October 27

Things That Involve Batman of the day

Oh Jim Gordon, you trolling bastard!

Motivational Poster of the day

Action Figure Therapy

HA! Super funny. Check out the rest of the videos here. "Like a mustache with titties!"

UPDATE!!! Just watched all the videos, this one below is by far my favorite!

Los Links of the day

Zombie bloody t-shirt contest. All these hot and sexy zombies are starting to make me question my morals.

If the X-men went to public school.

Wanna see Toy Story's Woody doing a bunch of inappropriate things to lady action figures?

Greyson Chance's Debut Single "Waiting Outside The Lines"

Greyson Chance, who you might remember from his now infamous youtube video, in which he covered Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" at his schools talent show, (check that video out here.) was on Ellen today or yesterday or something, debuting his first single off an upcoming album. The single is called "Waiting Outside The Lines". This kid kills it, ive said it before. Glad Ellen scooped this kid up and started a record label just to sign him!

Things You Should Buy For Me #20 x Welcome To The 21st Century

The long awaited Playstation phone is finally becoming a reality! Shown here is the prototype and it could be available as soon as next year. Not sure what service providers will be carrying it yet, but I know I want one. Ive been saying they should do this ever since the first gen psp's came out. Read more about its specs here.

Monday, October 25


So this video kind of made me laugh. I guess Brock Lesnar got his ass kicked in the first round of his title defense at UFC 121. Now if you dont know Lesnar he used to be in the WWE, but made the jump to UFC when the world of professional wrestling didnt want him any more. So turns out The Undertaker (WWE, if you dont know that you are dead to me.) was at the fights to just watch and have a good time since he's a big fan of the sport. So some report comes up to get a celebrity guest interview with him and as they are talking Lesnar walks by. Now I guess, although I dont know what it would be over, and they dont explain it, that there is some bad blood between Undertaker and Lesnar. As Lesnar walks by there is a stare down and then the Undertakers asks Lesnar "Do you wanna go?" or something like that. I just thought it was funny cause I totally would love to see The Undertaker kick Lesnar's douchey ass all over that arena in a real fight. Im obviously not a fan of Lesnar's. I think he is a complete arrogant, cocky, douche rocket. Now the Undertaker being one of my childhood idols, and all around, honest to goodness, real life, as well as WWE badass, of course I would like to see him give Lesnar another publicly humiliating beating. In closing, cause this rant is getting a little long and pointless, FUCK BROCK LESNAR!

Via. Super Punch.

I Choose You Sponge Bob

Sweet Pokemon x Sponge Bob mash-up. Not gonna lie, I would so want to have a Patrick Starfish on my pokemon roster!

Via. The Daily What.

Sunday, October 24

Motivational Poster of the day

Here's two since I didnt post anything yesterday cause I was at work and then went to a Halloween party after. Uhh I might post some pictures of that if I find any. I didnt have a camera so, I guess, if you were there and have pictures send them my way if you want. That would be just peachy.

Im gonna go back to being lazy and watching the rest of True Blood season 2 now. So you probably wont see any more posts until tomorrow, but who knows.

Friday, October 22

Motivational Poster of the day

Ok since its almost Halloween I guess I was thinking I would do all Halloween themed motivational posters until the big day. If you dont like that, refer to the post bellow, in which Batman is telling you to suck it!

Things That Involve Batman of the day

You heard the man!

Thursday, October 21

Oh Beans of the day

I wish my sex life was close to even being this interesting.... Ah, who am I kidding, I wish I had a sex life....

Cowabunga Dudes

All my childhood dreams have come true inside this one amazing van! Some girl turned a '94 Dodge Caravan into the TMNT bus. She detailed and rebuilt the engine on her own or something... I dont know, I honestly didnt read the whole article. I was too distracted by the level of awesome! Check out more pictures and read all about it here.

Via. The High Definite.

Dream Girl x Things You Should Buy For Me #19

Ok. So Im not saying the girl in the picture is my dream girl, I mean yeah, sure, she's kinda hot, but Im not crazy about her. What I am saying is that if any girl was to buy this, actually wear it, and be stoked about it, that girl would be my dream girl! Just saying that would be one of the hottest things ever! This would top lingerie almost any day of the week. Ok maybe not, but kinda. So Im just saying, if you're down with the Wars, and you want to be my dream girl, you can pick this sweet R2-D2 swimsuit here.

Saturday, October 16

Kids Cover The Darnedest Songs of the day

The kids of New York's PS22 cover MGMT's "Kids". Its pretty freaking awesome, and pretty freaking adorable. If you check out the youtube page (here) for other great covers from Jay-z to Phoenix, to Owl City to Journey. These kids are super talented and awesome.

Thursday, October 14

Girlfriend Doesnt Realize Her Boyfriend Is Out Of Town

So I think this video is a little older but I didnt know about it until just now. I guess the story goes, this guy got offered a chance to go backpack Europe with friends for 2 weeks. He talks about it for liek a month and tells everyone several times how excited he is to go, including his girlfriend. The night before he leaves he calls to say goodbye to his GF, but I guess she wasnt listening, and forgets he's gone in Europe. This video shows her emails to him as she freaked out over him not talking to her. Pretty crazy stuff!

Wednesday, October 13

Pokemon Rap

Ok so the whole song isnt about Pokemon, but it does have references to pokemon, it samples the theme song, and it is titled Charizard. Its pretty sick. His name is A-1 and I guess he's from San Fransisco. He has other songs about reading rainbow, and all that. Check out his youtube page here, and download his mixtape with this song and others on it here.

Via. Comics Alliance.

More Cosplay From New York Comic Con

Cosplayers are like one of my favorite things on Earth. They are so into and passionate about comics, and anime, and manga. They spend tons of money on these outfits and I think its worth every penny I know it brings me joy. Heres some more photos from the New York Comic Con, and if you want to see more click here.

First picture is of Sinestro Corps Cyborg Superman, the second one is an Amazing Thor, and the third a very sexy yet psychopathic Harley Quinn.

Tuesday, October 12

I Love These Balls


This is factual stuff, found in science books and what-not.

Via. The Front.

Kid Cudi "Erase Me" Video

I love the song Ive been jamming it for a little over a month now, ever since it came out on Kanye West's "G.O.O.D. Ass Mixtape". The video is pretty entertaining as well. It has Cudi playing something like Hendrix, and has cameos by Clark Duke (Sex Drive) and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad) as the rest of his band. And although I really love this song, I absolutely think Kanye should not be on it. The song is fantastic then he comes in with his verse and ruins it. I think Cudi should have either done the whole song on his own or brought in someone else to fill that last verse. Just sayin...

Motivational Poster of the day

YES!!! Futurama is the best!!!!

Words To Live By of the day

Things That Involve Batman of the day

No Google Thats Not What I Meant!

So when I was editing together last week Snedy's Favorite Fridays, I did a search for "giggling asians" and google must not have been satisfied with my search request. So Google thinking it knows me so well asks me if instead "Did you mean Gagging asians?" NO!!!! No, google I did not mean gagging asians. Im trying to get some work done! Gagging asians is for when work is over!

Monday, October 11

Zombie Last Supper

It just goes to show; never turn the other cheek to a zombie!

Im Going For Three...

I want this in my bathroom. Id be going for three every time. Im talking 1's or 2's, doesnt matter Im going for 3's! On a related note; I apologize to who ever cleans my bathroom for me.

Steampunk Iron Man

This is the most radtastic Iron Man costume Ive ever seen in my life! This guy won the Marvel costume contest at this years New York Comic Con. That being said; I want one, I want one, I WANT ONE!!!!! Someone build me one please. Oh and please hurry Halloween is almost here!

Saturday, October 9

Welcome To The 21st Century of the day

Uh I want one of these in my backyard to live in..... ok well not my backyard since I dont have a yard, but in my parents backyard!

Ren Stevens, Oh How I Love Thee

Ok so here's those photos of Christy Carlson Romano (aka Ren Stevens) that Snedy mentioned in his latest Favorite Fridays video. Sorry I didnt put up the really dirty ones, but as I get more and more followers I wanted to make it kinda safe for work so know one gets in trouble for anything. There will be a link bellow to the rest of the pictures, and I believe the video of the shower scene is there too. And trust me its soooo worth seven minutes of your day!

Check out the rest of the pictures and the video here.

Snedy's Favorite Fridays Season 3 Ep. 3

Best episode we've done thus far. Tell you friends and pass it around the internet. We cover a wide variety of topics in this one. From being sexually attracted to Brad Pitt, to shitting your pants. Also Ren Stevens boobs, and racial slurs, and ebonic words. Its a good one!!!

Friday, October 8

Grindhouse Movie of the day

Ummmmm..... Yes, yes, and YES PLEASE!!! I know its kind of a rip off of Lindsay Lohan's nun character in Robert Rodriguez's "Machete", but still, I got way pumped for this. There's something so awesome about an amazingly god awful movie. Pun intended.

Welcome To The 21st Century of the day

Bionic legs to help paraplegics walk again. Pretty awesome and inspiring stuff.

Thursday, October 7

Things That Involve Batman of the day

Batman with chainsaw nunchucks? I didnt think he could get any more badass, but he just did!


Ash Ketchum... 14 Years Later

Yeah. Fuck Gary Oak!

Via. The Daily What.

Motivational Poster of the day

.... and Im blowing it..????

Things That Involve Batman of the day

The many symbols of the bat.

Uhhhhh Yes Please!

The other day I was rambling on about how hot it is to see a girl in a Batman costume (check that out here) and how it got me all quivery in the knees and crotch, and then I stumbled upon this luscious gem right here. I got it bad, bad, bad. Im hot for spidey. Shit its almost Halloween. So if you are going as a superheroine feel free to share.

Hot For Zombies???

I just came down with a very severe case of necrophilia.....

Via. The Front.

Pokemon Facebook of the day

Oh Professor Oak. You so CRAZY!!!

Things You Should Buy For Me #17 & 18

Uhhhh, YES PLEASE!!!!!! I stumbled upon these gems today while shit kicking around the interwebs. The first picture is of an umbrella that looks like a samurai sword. I realize that may cause a few problems in public places, but its so sweet its worth a day spent detained in a police holding cell. You can buy it for me here.

The second picture is of a bullet icecube tray. An AK-47 bullet icecube tray to be more exact. I would feel just so freaking super villain with these bad boys cooling down my ice tea. Yeah super villains drink ice tea. Prove to me that they dont! Thats right! Suck it! You can buy them for me here.

As always if you really would like to buy something for me, just contact me via email, which is right there to the right. Yeah just take a minute and look to the sidebar at the right. Its there. You might have to skrull (hahaha see what I did there? Comic book joke) up or down a bit. OOOOOOOHHHH! There it is! Now that you know where it is feel free to use it frequently to get my mailing information to send me nice things, such as these above, or to submit awesome findings, or to make suggestions, or ask questions.

Sunday, October 3