Monday, October 25


So this video kind of made me laugh. I guess Brock Lesnar got his ass kicked in the first round of his title defense at UFC 121. Now if you dont know Lesnar he used to be in the WWE, but made the jump to UFC when the world of professional wrestling didnt want him any more. So turns out The Undertaker (WWE, if you dont know that you are dead to me.) was at the fights to just watch and have a good time since he's a big fan of the sport. So some report comes up to get a celebrity guest interview with him and as they are talking Lesnar walks by. Now I guess, although I dont know what it would be over, and they dont explain it, that there is some bad blood between Undertaker and Lesnar. As Lesnar walks by there is a stare down and then the Undertakers asks Lesnar "Do you wanna go?" or something like that. I just thought it was funny cause I totally would love to see The Undertaker kick Lesnar's douchey ass all over that arena in a real fight. Im obviously not a fan of Lesnar's. I think he is a complete arrogant, cocky, douche rocket. Now the Undertaker being one of my childhood idols, and all around, honest to goodness, real life, as well as WWE badass, of course I would like to see him give Lesnar another publicly humiliating beating. In closing, cause this rant is getting a little long and pointless, FUCK BROCK LESNAR!

Via. Super Punch.

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