Thursday, October 7

Things You Should Buy For Me #17 & 18

Uhhhh, YES PLEASE!!!!!! I stumbled upon these gems today while shit kicking around the interwebs. The first picture is of an umbrella that looks like a samurai sword. I realize that may cause a few problems in public places, but its so sweet its worth a day spent detained in a police holding cell. You can buy it for me here.

The second picture is of a bullet icecube tray. An AK-47 bullet icecube tray to be more exact. I would feel just so freaking super villain with these bad boys cooling down my ice tea. Yeah super villains drink ice tea. Prove to me that they dont! Thats right! Suck it! You can buy them for me here.

As always if you really would like to buy something for me, just contact me via email, which is right there to the right. Yeah just take a minute and look to the sidebar at the right. Its there. You might have to skrull (hahaha see what I did there? Comic book joke) up or down a bit. OOOOOOOHHHH! There it is! Now that you know where it is feel free to use it frequently to get my mailing information to send me nice things, such as these above, or to submit awesome findings, or to make suggestions, or ask questions.

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