Saturday, November 27

Incase You're Wondering What To Get Me For Christmas...

There are 183 items on my wish list (click here to view it). So if you were an amazing friend or fan of the blog feel free to buy me something this holiday season. I would love you forever, and if you buy me something I'll send you a personal drawing in return.... yeah you're liking that idea arent you? Well click the link and look through the items. Its something like 8 pages or more, mostly books, and hopefully you will find something you would like me to have. Also feel free to send other things too if you think I will like them, even if they arent on the list. In the mean time bellow are a few pictures of things on the list.

Wednesday, November 24

Michael And Freddy

Pretty epic photo of Michael and Freddy. Not gonna lie, I'd hang this artsy sucker on my wall if I had a print. Someone use their technology powers and make me a print (a good one) and frame it and give it to me haha.

These Balls Always Make Me Smile

If there is one set of balls out there that can always put a smile on my face, it surely is poke'balls!
I want them all, in my hands and on my belt!

Picture via. Ffffound.

Tuesday, November 23

Epic Meal's Thanksgiving Dinner

The guys over at the Epic Meal team, put together their Thanksgiving dinner. The word EPIC falls far short of this meal. It looks so good, yet I think my heart had palpitations just watching this video.

Via. The Daily What.

Thursday, November 18

Wednesday, November 17

Artsy As Fuck!

Dude gets epically artsy with this Tech Deck video.

Via. The Front.

Los Links of the day

One question IQ test. Comment and tell me if you passed or not. FYI, I passed.

Fifty years of Japanese concept car designs.

6 places where land is free. Thats right I said free.

Alt girl of the day. (NSFW)

Above Photo: Russia's proposed domed underground city. Capable of holding 100,000 people. Welcome to the 21st Century! I want to live here. If anyone can find more photos let me know, I'll make it a full post. Read more about it here.

Things That Involve Batman x Motivational Poster of the day

Its so true.

Neil Young (Jimmy Fallon) & Bruce Springstien "Whip My Hair"

Friday, November 12

Things That Involve Batman of the day

Dream girl! I want one! This one or one similar. Please contact me via email if you fit the bill. Thank you.

Quidditch World Cup IV Starts This Weekend

Thats right its real! The 4th annual Qudditch World Cup kicks off this weekend in New York City. Im thinking we need to get a team together for next years. Whos down?

More info here.

Jeff Goldblum x Biz Markie "Just A Friend"

Jeff Goldblum, you so crazy!

Fuck it! Jeff Goldblum makes everything epic. Im adding "meet Jeff Goldblum" to the bucket list!

You Look Like Shit

Soooo many Bruce Willis ones.

Via. The Daily What.

Story Of My Life of the day

Once again Chuck and Beans describes my life perfectly.

Via. Shoebox.

Wednesday, November 10

Fuck Hecklers Too

Comedian Ryan Stout was performing a set in Sydney when some dude heckled him in the middle of a joke. Ryan then proceeded to give said heckler a comedic stone cold stunner!

Via. The Daily What.

Fuck This Dude

So kids were skating in front of this dudes store and he freaks on them. He continues to yell even though the kid isnt yelling back. Over a $50 bush. He loves his bush so much and just loses it on the kid. Tell you what dick loafers, if you are tired of replacing and replanting the bush, put up a fucking guard rail or fence. I guess online justice has been happening to avenge the skater who had to spend a night in jail or something. Kids have been bashing the dudes business on google listing, and on the business' facebook page. More links to stuff here.

Monday, November 8

HA! Wheel Of Fortune

This chick solves the puzzle after picking one letter. HA! Fucking awesome!

Conan Premieres Tonight

Dont forget that Conan premieres tonight on TBS at 11/10c

Ha! Kids Are Stupid

This just proves that, by wearing Laker's colors, you get stupider. I want to high five the coach who drew up this play, and then high five the quarterback twice for selling it so well. Also the center and the whole front line get high fives for staying in position. Epic!

Wednesday, November 3

Black Man Loves Pokemon

"Let me give you this poke'dick!"

First Trailer For Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch

Just got goosebumps from this. Cant wait for this awesome to drop next March!

Motivational Poster of the day

Things That Involve Batman of the day

Sooo thats what it would look like if Batman and Catwoman had a baby....

Best Halloween Costumes On The Internets

Ok so I know its a few days late, but I havent had the motivation to post this past week really. So here it is now. the best costumes Ive found after sweeping the internets over the last few days. And yes I did re-use some of the ones from the pokemon post. Dont like it you can suck it!

Monday, November 1

Things You SHould Buy For Me #23, 24, & 25 of the day

SO I got bored sitting here so I started to browse around on Think Geek since I hadnt been there in a while, and I came across oh so many great things that I would love to have. It was like a treasure chest full of goodies! Here are my top picks, beacuse there was far too many things I wanted on there to post them all.

First one up is a Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy dont panic towel, because if you want to survive out there you have to know where your towel is! You can purchase this gem for me here.
Next up is a magic wand tv remote. You can program it to do 18 basic functions. You can change the channel, turn up or down the volume, and start or stop something on your DVR. Pick it up for me here. Remember kidies Christmas is right around the corner!

And last but not least is a Space Invaders ice cube tray. I want to put these in cocktail after cocktail trying to break the high score with every drink! Purchase them for me here.

Motivational Poster of the day

Pokemon Halloween Costumes

Just a few Pokemon related costumes that I saw around the internets in the past few days. Im definatly in love with the Mistys and the Snorlax girls!

Things That You Should Buy For Me #22 x Things That Involve Batman of the day

Uh, you're damn right I wanna look like a certified badass every time it gets cold out! Please buy it for me you lovable assholes! Pick it up here!!!!!!!!!