Saturday, November 27

Incase You're Wondering What To Get Me For Christmas...

There are 183 items on my wish list (click here to view it). So if you were an amazing friend or fan of the blog feel free to buy me something this holiday season. I would love you forever, and if you buy me something I'll send you a personal drawing in return.... yeah you're liking that idea arent you? Well click the link and look through the items. Its something like 8 pages or more, mostly books, and hopefully you will find something you would like me to have. Also feel free to send other things too if you think I will like them, even if they arent on the list. In the mean time bellow are a few pictures of things on the list.


  1. Present = bag of chex mix?

  2. Well Richard, we'll have to see what happens. She already made a couple batches this year and said she wasnt going to make any more. So unless I eat all of my bag and beg her for more, it might not happen.