Monday, November 1

Things You SHould Buy For Me #23, 24, & 25 of the day

SO I got bored sitting here so I started to browse around on Think Geek since I hadnt been there in a while, and I came across oh so many great things that I would love to have. It was like a treasure chest full of goodies! Here are my top picks, beacuse there was far too many things I wanted on there to post them all.

First one up is a Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy dont panic towel, because if you want to survive out there you have to know where your towel is! You can purchase this gem for me here.
Next up is a magic wand tv remote. You can program it to do 18 basic functions. You can change the channel, turn up or down the volume, and start or stop something on your DVR. Pick it up for me here. Remember kidies Christmas is right around the corner!

And last but not least is a Space Invaders ice cube tray. I want to put these in cocktail after cocktail trying to break the high score with every drink! Purchase them for me here.

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