Wednesday, December 1

Things You Should Buy For Me #26 of the day

So do you love me? I mean really love me? Ok, now do you live in Switzerland? Well if you dont live there do you travel there often? I guess what Im really trying to ask is, do you have a ton of money that you dont mind donating to a good cause? And that cause being, buying me a mini castle. Seriously, you buy it for me and I'll move there and live in it. It would bring together so many of my life dreams. Every day would be a new adventure! Would you buy this for me? What if I said pretty please with a cherry on top? Check out the market listing here. Oh and since you probably cant read swiss here's the translation of the description.

"Totally unique, 18 m observation tower with an opportunity to renovate the exclusive property consisting of three rooms, cellar, terrace and a view terrace. Built 1926th Built of brick on granite base. Freehold site of 1,000 sq m park with panoramic views Laholmsbukten. Renoveringsobjekt.UtgƄngspris 600 000."

Via. Super Punch.

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