Thursday, December 2

Things You Should Buy For Me #27 of the day

The New issue of Front magazine is out and I would very much like it! But theres a catch they dont sell it around here, its kinda an English magazine. But I would very much love a copy of the new issue cause 1. it has Rosie Jones on the cover. IDK if you know what Rosie Jones does to my nether regions, but have a look here and see what she does for yours and you might understand. And 2. its the holiday issue with all the latest and greatest of holiday things. Oh and 3. it has an article on the 2010 sex awards! You should get this for me for sure, especially if you are a friend/fan who lives in England. Hint hint, nudge nudge, Im talking to you....

Pick me up a copy here. Also feel free to buy any other Tshirts or posters in the store as well.

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