Thursday, April 14

Things You Should Buy For Me #42 of the day

So does anyone know where I can get one of these? Seriously! It needs to be added to my toy collection, and if you buy me one I'll make you an orginal drawing!! Oooooooooooh....

Via. The Ghost Academy.

Wednesday, April 13

Sooooo... Ive been thinking

Ive been thinking that Im gonna move my blog over to Tumblr. Idk it just seems like it gets more traffic. Who knows, I could be wrong, but since there is no way for me to export this blog to Tumblr, it will just stay here and probably not get posted on unless I totally hate Twitter and come back to it. Idk is this a bad idea or a good one? I need feed back. In the meantime I'll just post on both. Check it out here.

Oh and the photo above is just a bonus photo of me drunk in Lincoln, NE

Drunk In Lincoln, NE

Here's a nice photo of me and my friend Mitch, from our weekend of drunken debauchery. In this photo, we are completely wasted in Lincoln, NE.

The Reason Behind #97 On My Bucket List


Ever since I saw this episode of Seinfeld, Ive always wanted to do this....

Its Official!!!

I OFFICIALLY have a thing for redheads. Ive been hiding it in the closet for years, but after seeing this photo, I cant lie to myself any more! Her freckles turn me on in ways that can only be described in 99cent romance novels!

Via. Heavy Heavy Heavy.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Ep. 1

You guys may or may not remember a while back there was a live action MK short film floating around the net, well this is the long awaited series for that. This is the first episode, and I gotta say, Im a fan. I know they changed the story and grounded it more in reality, but they did it well. Im a huge fan of the game series, Ive honestly played since I was like 6 or 7 years old, so I got close to 20 years invested in it, and Im still a fan of how they spun this. Only thing I wish they would change is longer episodes. Thats my only complaint so far.

What do you guys think? Leave a comment with feed back and what you think.

Tuesday, April 12

Things You Should Buy For Me #41 of the day

This is called the OBOL. Its basically the best thing to happen to breakfast since bacon! I need one, and I need one bad! The Idea is it keeps your cereal seperated from your milk so it doesnt get crunchy cereal too soggy, too fast. It has a little opening where you can scoop cereal now into the milk. Check it out, and buy one (they are under $20) for me here.

Thanks in advance!

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Monday, April 11

Just Got A 90's Boner!

Thanks Kelly. You're the best!

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Currently Watching

Some would probably say the best Superman movie. I would say, I concur.

Is This Still Around? If So I Want This!

Seriously, Im a firm believer, that everything should be able to be cooked in a toaster. I have a hotdog toaster and thats basically one of the best things ever! Just saying....

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Thursday, April 7

Currently Watching

Yeah its been a slow day at work, so the Grindhouse movies came out. This one is pretty good so far. Over the top plot, that barely makes sense with lots of boobs and full frontal!

Currently Watching

Lets hope it's as bad as it looks!!!

Friday, April 1

Star Wars Week

Just wanted to let everyone know that Star Wars Week is coming to RvZ. Its gonna start May 1st and go through May 7th. So if you guys wanna start submiting you Star Wars stuff now that would be great! Its gonna be fun! Duh!

Tuesday, March 29

Trying To Take Artsy Photos Of Girls In Their Underwear Like This

Any volunteers?

Mike Mo Getting Artsy With Sneak Attack Photos Of Me

Mike Mo, got a sneaky photo of me tonight, and made it all artsy with his iphone. He's to cool for school with his future gadgets.

Did I Mention I Like To Dance?

Most recent of the famous Turquoise Jeep youtube videos. Im gonna learn these moves for my summer wedding season!

The End Is Nigh

So this is the first official movie poster for the last Harry Potter film. Its gonna be epic! I'll probably cry like a baby that there will be no more movies, like I did when the last book came out....

Via. I Heart Chaos.

Friday, March 25

Story Of Snedy From Omaha's Life of the day

Never has there been a greater truth writen about Snedy From Omaha's life!

Why Dont I Know Any Girls Like This????

Seriously!!! I want/need friends/girlfriends like this! Where are they and why arent they in my life? Where are you amazingly hot nerd girls hiding?

Via. Fuck Yeah Geek Girls.

YES, YES, & meh

In love with everything in this picture, except for her boobs choice in beer... tisk tisk tisk boobs. You're better than that.

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Wednesday, March 23

The Beast Brothers x SOBO Japan Relief Tshirt

Super cool relief aid shirt for the Japan tsunami disaster. Its a colab between The Beast Brothers x SOBO. Its basically the coolest shirt Ive seen thus far for the relief aid. 50% of the proceeds from the sale of this shirt will be donated to the Red Cross in their relief efforts in Japan. Pick one up here. I did!

Via. Super Punch.

Hot Asian. Pokemon Shirt. Panties.

Seriously. Best. Thing. Ever!

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Monday, March 21

Drunk Kitchen

Haha I hope this becomes a weekly series! I laughed so hard during this shit. I almost wanna do my own drunk series. Any ideas?

Story Of My Life of the day

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Tuesday, March 15

Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover "Freaks And Geeks" Video

Ok so I know this video is about a month old, but I just got the Ep and Im super hyped on this song and the whole cd right now. Seriously cant stop listening to it! And incase you are wondering what is happening here, This is Childish Gambino. Better known as Donald Glover. Yes, the guy from Community, and the Derrick Comedy Troop. This is his first video off his recent Ep album. The song is called "Freaks And Geeks".

You Can Do It!!!

Come on little pingwing buddy you can do it!!!

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Monday, March 14


In brightest day, in blackest night
I probably wont be able to hide my boner from your sight!

Dibbs, dibs, and dibs again!

Via. Super Hero Girls.

Should Have Got This Tattooed

Basically should have gotten something like this for my Gengar tattoo. Well something like this minus Ghastly, because who the fuck likes Ghastly?

Currently Watching

Its a pretty terrible Canadian B-movie. But it has boobs, and dick and fart jokes so thats enough for me.

Saturday, March 5

Super Trailer

So this is the movie Super. Yes it kinda has similarities to Kickass, but its gonna be way darker, and a lot more violent I think. Who cares either way though. It looks goood and thats all that maters to me. Comes out with a limited release on April 1st.

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Friday, March 4

Zombie Trail

Seriously just spent like over an hour playing this game. Its like being 5 years old again, back in the computer lab at school. Except this has zombies and is way more fucking awesome! Oregon Trail can suck it!

Play it here. Thank me later.

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Monday, February 28

Story Of My Life of the day

So if you didnt ever play this game, or you think you know a better childhood game, you can GTFO right now! Oh and if I ever meet you Im gonna beat your ass with with a metal pipe like you were Nancy Carigan's knee... Oh and I wont touch any fucking lava while I do it either!

Things You Should Buy For Me #40 of the day

I want a whole box of these right now!

You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth

If these words came out of my mouth, would there be any takers?

Via. With Blackjack And Hookers.

I Wish I Enjoyed Anything This Much

Like seriously. I wish anything entertained me this much!

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Sunday, February 27

The Placebo Effect

So basically this just told me, that all of our minds have mutant healing powers...

Via. I Heart Chaos.

Wednesday, February 23

Bad Teacher Red Band Trailer

Hell fucking yeah!!! Finally a raunchy comedy that looks super good. I think the last one I seen on this level that I liked was Superbad, and thats been like what 3-4 years now? And this one looks like its gonna make Superbad look like a bedtime story. Stoked. Cant wait. (Possible NSFW. Lots of F bombs.)

Sunday, February 20

Hello? Mcfly??

Had an 80's party last night. I was Marty Mcfly.

Bathroom Stall Graffiti

Someone at some high school in New Jersey I think, did this. Its the entire first chapter of Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone. Basically the coolest thing ever. Idk how someone could write all this in what I assume was one sitting though. Either way still awesome.

Via. Rentharrypotter.

Friday, February 18

Things You Should Buy For Me #38 of the day

I know I previously asked for a wiener dog, but I will also accept a French Bulldog. They are just as equally cute and full of personality. Just saying.... If you really loved me you would find me one of these.

Story Of My Life of the day

Yeah girls, you know this is the truth!

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Thursday, February 17

I Just Got A MASSIVE Erection

Boner City, population me! This looks far more epic then anything my brain is able to accurately form words for.

Where Im Eating This Weekend

Anyone care to join me?

Period Panties

Any of you ladies out there need some fashionable period panties? I mean, why does the fun have to stop because you are bleeding for 5-7 days? Am I right? Am I right? Any way the peeps over at Harebrained came up with these bad boys. On sale for $12 each. Check out this style (Rainbo First Blood), and the others which include, Aunt Flo, Evil Beaver, and Raggedy Fran. Collect them all!

Via. I Heart Chaos.