Monday, January 31

The Creep (Ft. Nicki Minaj)

The Lonely Island's second single off their upcoming album, set to release this spring.
Oh and for the record I think Nicki Minaj is the baddest bitch in the game. Oh sorry let me translate that to white people talk for you. I think she sure is swell, and gosh she just sings real pretty.

Sunday, January 30

Things You Should Buy For Me #34 of the day

Someone use your internets skills and find me one of these!!!! I need it!!!

Via. Steven Humor.

In Case Of Zombies...

Im totally gonna need a sniper rifle, another machete, and some grape fanta to wash that spam down with, but this is a good start...

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Things You Should Buy For Me #33 of the day

I want these! Have no idea where to get them though. Someone find one for me!

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Thursday, January 27

Coming Soon

<a href="">Jackass 3.5 (Exclusive Trailer Premiere)</a>

No words...

Wednesday, January 26

World War Z Is Coming To Film

So basically I'll be walking around with a boner for the next year, because Im so hyped on this! They are finally adapting one of my favorite novels to film. World War Z: An Oral History Of The Zombie War, is set to be made into a movie. First of all Im giddy with that news alone, but then to find out that Brad Pitt will be not only staring in it, but is also producing it, that basically gave me a double boner! It should be out some time next year and I obviously cant wait! Also Milo Ventimiglia of Heroes fame will be staring in it as well.

Via. IMDB.

Things You Should Buy For Me #32 of the day

I want one, and I want one now! Preferably a long haired one, but hey I wont be picky if you are buying.

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Story Of My Life of the day

Still My Dream Girl!

The poke'bra is back, and its waaaaaaay better than macaroni! (Ooooh dream weaver.....)

Info Grapfic of the day

Things the Ramones "wanna" do.

Monday, January 24

Seinfeld Re-cut

Seinfeld re-cut into a movie trailer. Basic premise, is Jerry tries to take over the world with George as his sidekick. I want this movie and I want it now!

Via. The Daily What.

Wednesday, January 19

This Just In: Anne Hathaway To Play Catwoman

So Warner Brothers just announced today that Anne Hathaway will be taking on the role of Catwoman in the third Chris Nolan Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. This is honestly a suprise choice to me, I mean dont get me wrong, she is a great actress and is totally hot, and I love her, I just know if she can pull off the vixen/tortured soul aspect that is Catwoman. Meh who knows. Also they confirmed The Role Tom Hardy (Inception) will be playing, and that is Bane. Hope they pull that off right and dont go all Batman & Robin with him again. Read more on this here.

Tuesday, January 18

Most Romantic Thing Ever!!!

Basically gonna use this as my Valentine card to some lucky lady this year!

This Made Me LOL For Real

Do it. You have to at least try it! Hahahaha!

Via. V Is For Vanity.

A Year In Underwear

Radeo is a Suicide Girl who is addicted to buying and wearing lots and lots of sexy underwear. In this video she shows off her latest collection, and wins me over with her cute butt! Also now Im addicted to her and her addiction!

Via. The Front.

Did You Get Your Whisky In A Can Today?

Thats right I said whisky in a can!!! The Panama based Scottish Spirits (haha I know that doesnt make any sense) started making whisky in a can. They like the idea cause its more portable and recyclable and say the can can easily be shared amongst three people. Yeah I dont even know what to say here. Wish I liked whisky cause they just made it easier to become the drunkest guy at the party. Read more about it here if you want.

Via. The Daily What.

Monday, January 17

2011 No Pants Subway Ride

Its that time of year again. Improv Everywhere's 10th annual No Pants Subway Ride happened about a week ago, and they had around 10,000 no pants riders in New York alone, and more than 50 cities around the world participated as well. Basically Im putting this on my bucket list and Im doing it before I die cause its awesome! If you wanna read a little more on it click here. Also the photos bellow are some of the better photos from this years event I found. Yeah they are a little female heavy, but hey Im a guy, so I apologize to my female readers for the lack of men and their undies.

Friday, January 14

Sound Track To My Life!!!

Same group of guys as the previous video, except I like this song WAY better!

Lemme Smang It

Thank you Alex Neef for ruining my life with this video!

Follow Up of the day

The internets tell us how they really feel.
Shopped (great shopped) Donald Glover as Pete Parker.

Via. The Daily What.

Thursday, January 13

First Look Spiderman

Heres a first look at Andrew Garfield as the new spiderman. Movie is set for release next July.

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Tuesday, January 11

Found This On The Computer At Work of the day

Artist rendering of the one and only Alex Neef. Pertty sure it was made by C3 but not 100% sure.

Thursday, January 6

I Want To Marry This Girl!

Straight dream girl. I stumbled upon her blog because of the pictures above of her Poke'bra. She's super super super cute, into geeky things, has tattoos, and eyes I could get lost in. Check out here Tumblr here, and more pictures of her here. If anyone knows her feel free to ask her to contact me and check out my blog...In the least creepy way possible. Im so like Wayne in Waynes world. Dream Weaver keeps playing in my head!

Wednesday, January 5

Follow Up: Even More Dead Birds And Fish!!!

Thats right, even more reports are popping up about dead birds and fish!

Dead birds in Kentucky.

Dead whooping cranes in Georgia.

Hundreds of dead fish found in Wales

Dead fish found in a lake between Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Thousands of doves dead in Italy.

Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife, Its The End Of The World!

I dont want to alarm anyone but the world is coming to an end! In the last 2 weeks there have been several reports of hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dead birds and fish turning up around the world. Now normally I would chalk this up to coincidence, but there are far to many incidences for this to be mere coincidence. Below is a list of links to all the reports Ive found. Yeah feel free to start freeking out and stockpiling toilet paper and caned foods!

Talk amongst yourselves. Also feel free to share other links of incidences not included.

100+ dead birds in Sweden.

100,000+ Dead drum fish in the Arkansas River

500+ dead birds in Louisiana.

5,000+ dead birds in Arkansas

100+ tons of dead fish in Brazil.

Thousands of dead fish in Florida

2 million+ dead spot fish off the coast of Maryland.

Hundreds of snapper fish dead off the coast of Coromandel.

Like I said, Hide yo kids, hide yo wife!

James Van Der Week

So I guess over at Funny Or Die its "James Van Der Week". The above two videos are the first ones to come out so far that I know of. I got to say, I found this all pretty hilarious. I damn near pissed myself standing here at work. This very well could be the return of The Dawson! I think he needs to come back full force with a good R rated comedy after this. Oh and by the way the James Van Der Memes site is real. Check it out here! I hope it makes your day!

Via. Funny Or Die & The Daily What.

Josh Groban Sings Kanye West's Tweets

HA! I cant say anything... Im still laughing!

Tuesday, January 4

Things You SHould Buy For Me #31 of the day

All my hopes and dreams are finally coming together! Also how classic is the tagline in the picture "Like a sandwhich bluetooth" hahahaha! AWESOME!

Via. I Heart Choas.

Follow My New Twitter Account!!!

Its my new Twitter account for when Im at work hating people and the world. Read all about what Im feeling and who I want to stab. How much I hate children and wheep for the future. Things of that nature.

Any way you should follow me if you are a fellow member of the Verse. Link here. Also Ill put it over in the side bar.

Found This On The Computer At Work of the day

A master piece of MSpaint proportions!