Monday, February 28

Story Of My Life of the day

So if you didnt ever play this game, or you think you know a better childhood game, you can GTFO right now! Oh and if I ever meet you Im gonna beat your ass with with a metal pipe like you were Nancy Carigan's knee... Oh and I wont touch any fucking lava while I do it either!

Things You Should Buy For Me #40 of the day

I want a whole box of these right now!

You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth

If these words came out of my mouth, would there be any takers?

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I Wish I Enjoyed Anything This Much

Like seriously. I wish anything entertained me this much!

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Sunday, February 27

The Placebo Effect

So basically this just told me, that all of our minds have mutant healing powers...

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Wednesday, February 23

Bad Teacher Red Band Trailer

Hell fucking yeah!!! Finally a raunchy comedy that looks super good. I think the last one I seen on this level that I liked was Superbad, and thats been like what 3-4 years now? And this one looks like its gonna make Superbad look like a bedtime story. Stoked. Cant wait. (Possible NSFW. Lots of F bombs.)

Sunday, February 20

Hello? Mcfly??

Had an 80's party last night. I was Marty Mcfly.

Bathroom Stall Graffiti

Someone at some high school in New Jersey I think, did this. Its the entire first chapter of Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone. Basically the coolest thing ever. Idk how someone could write all this in what I assume was one sitting though. Either way still awesome.

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Friday, February 18

Things You Should Buy For Me #38 of the day

I know I previously asked for a wiener dog, but I will also accept a French Bulldog. They are just as equally cute and full of personality. Just saying.... If you really loved me you would find me one of these.

Story Of My Life of the day

Yeah girls, you know this is the truth!

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Thursday, February 17

I Just Got A MASSIVE Erection

Boner City, population me! This looks far more epic then anything my brain is able to accurately form words for.

Where Im Eating This Weekend

Anyone care to join me?

Period Panties

Any of you ladies out there need some fashionable period panties? I mean, why does the fun have to stop because you are bleeding for 5-7 days? Am I right? Am I right? Any way the peeps over at Harebrained came up with these bad boys. On sale for $12 each. Check out this style (Rainbo First Blood), and the others which include, Aunt Flo, Evil Beaver, and Raggedy Fran. Collect them all!

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Things You Should Buy For Me #37 of the day

This game when it comes out. I want sooooooooooooooooo bad! Pre order for me now please!

Story Of My Life of the day

Yes! Yes! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!

Saturday, February 12

Thursday, February 10

Story Of My Last Relationship of the day

Talk amongst yourselves...

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Story Of My Life of the day

Sometimes I feel like Im the "Red Shirt Guy" on this away mission called life...

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Oh Billy

FUCK YEAH! Blue Ranger for life! Billy is the best, and he is from Iowa! Council Bluffs, Iowa to be exact! FYI thats where I freaking live!

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Things That Involve Pokemon of the day

I would want one.... if it wasnt a soul sucking demon cat.

Thanks Bryan!

X-Men: First Class Trailer

First of all let me say that it doesnt look bad. Now having said that Im still going to cry the whole time from disappointment. First of all the continuity of Fox's X-men universe is going to be royally fucked because of this movie. The universe that only they have rights to. They wont let anyone else step in to do crossovers or sell the right s to Marvel, A place I feel could keep the continuity together, no they want to fuck it up themselves, but hey who cares as long as they milk it for every dollar its worth. Another classic example of how the suits dont care about anything but a buck. You're probably wondering what doesnt match up continuity wise. Heres a small list.

1. Fucks the whole time line up. (This is supposed to take place in the late 60's. wolverine takes place roughly in the 80's, they never actually say, and Xavier is already a bald old man in that. You mean to tell me that from the mid 60's to the 80's he loses all his hair and ages 40 years?)
2. Beast had a short cameo in the first x-men film as his alter ego Dr. Hank McCoy. (In the first film as McCoy he is still normal looking. No big blue fur yet. In first class they have him changing into the fur ball.)
3. Havok (Havok aka Alex Summers is Cyclops' younger brother, yet in this movie they have him on the first team. In Wolverine they have Cyclops as just a high schooler. How could Havok still be younger if its the 60's and he looks like he's 17. Cyclops would have barely been born if born at all.)
4. Emma Frost (In wolverine she is a teenage girl. In first class she is an adult woman. Again, time lines are getting fucked.)

Secondly I think they could have chose the cast a little better. I mean James McAvoy would not have been my first pick for a young Xavier. Idk he just doesnt seem very Chuck to me. Also January Jones is hot, but she's no White Queen!

Lastly I think they are trying to pack way to many characters in this movie. I mean look at last stand they had 6 and they couldnt pull off any character development of quality. In first class they have something like 9+. Just think its gonna be too much personally.

Now having complained, it still looks awesome, and yes I'll still pay my 8 bucks to see it. Im just gonna bitch about it forever, cause Im too much of a fan boy and thats just what we do!

Tell me what you guys think.

Choose Your Destiny

Whats it gonna be kiddies? Are you east coast or are you west coast? Comment with your answers!

Im exempt from having to answer. Being the asker of the question I have to stay impartial.

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Wednesday, February 9

Things You Should Buy For Me: Follow Up of the day

Remember last week when I posted that super cute video of the wiener dog playing in the snow? Well the same people have two knew videos up, and they are just as cute if not more cute! Oh and in case you are wonder, yes! I still want one of these, and someone really needs to find me one soon! Anyone know anyone with wiener dog puppies for free or otherwise, you email my ass right away!

Things You Can Buy For Me #36 of the day

Fucking sweet! Squirtle Squad tee! Someone be so kind and pick this up for me. You are all so rich, and Im all so poor. Its sooooo cool, and its only $17.50, please please please. I promise if you do I will love you forever and be your bestfriend. Plus if you do I will make you a piece of original art work. I wear a size large and you can get it here.

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Found This On The Computer At Work of the day

Found what looks to be another C3 mspaint original on the work computer again today. Another one involving his favorite subject, Big Al.

Things That Involve Batman of the day... Or Does It?

Talk amongst yourselves...

Tuesday, February 8

Harry Potter Pole Dance

Yeah... Im gonna need to borrow someones invisibility cloak to hide my erection...

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Monday, February 7

I Want This...

If I ever in my life who met the girl who would do this for me, I would ask her to marry me in a heart beat!

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Sunday, February 6

Things You Should Buy For Me #35 of the day

Somebody buy me this movie poster and frame it for me please please please! Its so awesomely epic! I want it on my wall!

Ah Hell Yeah of the day

Super 8 Teaser

The second official teaser for JJ Abrams' latest monster flick, premiered during the super bowl tonight. Hopefully its as good as Cloverfield was. Steven Spielberg is producing, so I mean, thats gotta say something, and JJ never disappoints.

Friday, February 4

Things That Involve Batman x Motivational Poster of the day

Its been a while since Ive done one of either of these so I thought I would just throw out a couple that involve both at the same time today. Enjoy.

Think You Got A Mans Truck? Think Again!

I cant wait to get me a Ferd F-Teenthousand, so I can have eight balls!

Thursday, February 3

Someone Make These For Omaha!!!

No. Freaking seriously someone make these for Omaha! I want to play Oregon Trail in the Old Market! Come on you photoshop wiz kids, get off your asses and do something that will better the world!!!

Via. Pleated Jeans.

C3's Favorite Summer Camp

Me and C3 will be councilors at this camp this summer. Who's coming with us?

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Wanna Do More Stuff Like This of the day

robo-rainbow from mudlevel on Vimeo.

Basically because of this, Im adding "Tag The City" to my bucket list. Basically that means Im gonna have to throw down 50 tags around my city. Probably gonna be the first thing added to my summer to-do list.